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Zubie AssetTrak device against purple background

September 14, 2023

Asset TrakFleet ManagementGPS TrackingRental

The Power of Asset Tracking for Vehicle Fleets and Rentals

Discover the unmatched benefits of asset tracking for vehicle fleets and rentals. Dive into Zubie’s AssetTrak features and elevate your fleet management game.

back end of a white Mercedes coupe with spoiler and taillights on

September 7, 2023

RentalRental Management System

Luxury in Rentals: What You Need to Know

Discover the rising opportunities in the luxury car rental market. Learn how market trends favor expansion and how Zubie tools can elevate your operations, ensuring you’re poised for success in a booming sector.

silver start/stop switch on a vehicle dashboard

August 3, 2023

RentalRental Management SystemStarter Prevention

Why Your Fleet Needs Starter Prevention

Discover how Zubie Rental Connect’s latest feature, Starter Prevention, provides an additional layer of security for your rental fleet. Learn about this OBD-II solution’s ease of integration, advanced controls, and cost-effective approach to ensure only authorized customers can start your vehicles.

grayscale photo of front of several cars

July 20, 2023

Fleet ManagementRentalVehicle Valuation

What Tools Do You Need to Monitor Vehicle Valuation?

Understand the pivotal role of technology in accurate vehicle valuation and how it empowers rental fleet managers to navigate important financial decisions.

hand holding smartphone with uber app on screen

July 12, 2023

carFleet ManagementRentalVehicle Valuation

Uber Enters the Car Rental Market: What You Need to Know

Explore Uber’s entry into the car rental market, its implications, and strategies for traditional rental services to leverage challenges and stay competitive.

back end of hatchback with brake lights on at dusk

July 6, 2023

Fleet ManagementRentalVehicle Valuation

How to Plan for Vehicle Valuation Changes

The value of your vehicles in your fleet is changing constantly. Learn about the different factors that go into valuing a vehicle and the tools you need to keep track of these metrics.

laptop partially closed with screen on against black background

June 21, 2023

DashcamFleet ManagementRentalVehicle Valuation

How the Right Technology Can Increase Fleet Efficiency

Explore the pivotal role of technology in enhancing fleet efficiency. Dive into how innovative solutions can save time, money, and optimize business profitability​

black car with front end wrecked from accident

June 7, 2023

Driver SafetyRentalVehicle Valuation

Changing Driver Safety Trends in 2023

2021 saw the highest level of car accidents in two decades. Dive in to discover how new technologies and Zubie’s solutions can bolster your fleet’s safety and protect your clients in 2023.

woman with glasses in a home office touching the screen of her laptop computer

May 3, 2023


How Working From Home Has Impacted Vehicle Rentals

The switch to work-from-home has caused significant shifts in business practices. How has this change affected the car rental industry?

rental vehicle inventory management

February 14, 2023

RentalRental ConnectRental Management SystemTelematics

The Need for Professional Rental Fleet Management

If you run a rental fleet of cars or RVs, you probably don’t need much…

May 19, 2022

Contactless RentalRentalRental CarsRental ConnectRental Management SystemRMS

How Strategic Partnerships Can Benefit Your Rental Company

A key way to improve your rental business is by seeking out strategic partnerships. Zubie’s partnership with Fourth Tier is an excellent example of how a company can enhance their resources, expertise and growth.

zubie rental car fleet tracking software

March 31, 2022

RentalRental CarsRental Connect

A Nationwide Vehicle Shortage: How Can Rental Companies Remain Successful When?

The current nationwide microchip and vehicle shortage is making a significant impact on the car rental industry. Rental companies have to find creative solutions to preserve their current inventory as new and used vehicles are scarce. Zubie Rental Connect provides car rental companies with the tools they need to get the most out of their fleet.

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