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Zubie Platform for the Internet of Cars

With Zubie, cars can talk. And the ZinC developer platform lets them be heard. Our ZinC API connects developers with sensors, location, and more.

Connect to Car Data + Zubie Insights

Zubie Smart Maintenance is an electronic service scheduling platform, connecting your fleet to a Nationwide network of service shops and big-fleet discounts (26% average).

Vehicle Sensor Data

Like a virtual dashboard, get real time visibility into diagnostic Codes, Battery Level, Fuel Level, or Odometer.

Driving Analytics

Build custom logic and algorithms for driving analysis and find new ways to identify and reward good driving.

Real-Time Location

Incorporate live-maps of your car locations into other apps, and trigger actions based on arrival or departure from home or office.

Trips & Expenses

Use historical trip data to find insights on fuel economy, trip routes, best time to travel and just interesting insights into driving activity,

Developer API

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Enroll as a developer to register your Apps to gain access to the open API

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Developer Tools

ZinC includes REST API for getting car data on demand, and WebHooks for integrating events into your application.  Explore our documentation and get started building your own connected car solution

Users & Drivers

User location, driving score and metrics, badges and role.


Geofencing criteria for important places including location, radius and rules for activation such as weekday or time of day.


Current location, engine and battery status, fuel level, odometer, make-model info and driving metrics.


Start and end locations, time span, driving metrics, expenses, fuel usage.


All alerts relating to engine and battery condition, arrival and departure, unsafe driving events.


Receive real-time webhooks when critical vehicle events occur – you define which events matter.

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Real-time data from a connected car is an important element in a connected lifestyle, or a connected business. use ZinC to…

  • Track customer visits and duration for real-time customer intelligence
  • Feed accurate mileage and odometer data into your vehicle maintenance system
  • Display live trip information or trends on your website


ZinC is easy to integrate into your own app experience. It is secure, scalable, and comprehensive, so you can focus on creating innovative features and stellar experiences. What can YOU build with ZinC? How about…

  • Car sharing apps that let you browse driving profiles?
  • An app for driving schools that grades students?
  • Tracking app for food trucks?
  • Fleet management apps customized for…caterers?

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