Key Features

Protect & Recover

Asset Trak can speed the time to recovery of a lost or stolen asset with previous locations, device tamper alerts, and Zubie Location Link.

Monitor Usage

Detailed location history lets you see how long devices have been idle or deployed. Receive alerts when your equipment moves with motion monitoring and custom geofences.

Simple Installation

Battery lasts up to a year on a single charge, and the magnetic hardware mounting plate makes it simple for anyone to install.

Unified View

With Asset Trak and Zubie Fleet Connect, you’re in control of your information.

Take advantage of customizable asset types to make it easier to search and filter, and add your own images or icons.

Our Groups and Tags features are available to use across vehicles and assets. It’s easy to set up and see the various units of your business together in a way that makes sense to you and the way you work.

asset trak screen on live map view

Device Capabilities

small form factor
Small form factor
wireless charging
Wireless charging
motion detection
Motion detection
location link
Location Link
magnetic mounting
Magnetic mounting
Waterproof (IP67)
Low Battery Alerts
ambient tempreature detection
Ambient temperature detection

Smaller than a deck of playing cards, Zubie Asset Trak is the simple to install, simple to hide, and simple to move. Its long battery life and wireless recharging make it a great way to protect your most important assets and equipment.