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Zubie Fleet Connect for

Construction Fleet Management and Equipment Tracking

It’s never been more important for construction company owners or fleet managers to ensure that their business is as safe and efficient as possible. With Zubie Fleet Connect, you can make Zubie’s telematics device your complete construction fleet management tool. Protect your vehicles and keep your fleet operations moving as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Telematics Tailored to Your Needs

Zubie offers solutions for J1939 and non-motorized asset tracking in addition to our OBD-II devices. View mixed fleets – including heavy-duty and passenger vehicles – as well as assets like generators and trailers all on the same live map and detailed reports. Zubie makes it easy to integrate fleet and asset tracking with advanced telematics solutions for construction.

Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

Knowing where your drivers are at all times is a key telematics benefit for any industry. Construction equipment telematics allow you to track your vehicles so they arrive at the job, when they need to be there. Monitoring construction machinery makes last-minute schedule changes easier and helps reduce idle time and fuel costs.

Asset Tracking

Zubie Asset Trak has a solution for trailers, generators, and other heavy equipment that don’t have an OBD-II interface. A magnetic or screw-mountable GPS tracking device sends the position of your expensive assets to you – when you want them. Long battery life means up to 2 years of continuous asset management and valuable telematics data.

J1939 Connections for Heavy Vehicles

For heavy vehicles with a J1939 interface, Zubie offers telematics connectivity via a cable that interfaces with our existing devices. Integrate your truck fleet management in a number of ways all within the same easy to use app.

Construction Fleet Tracking Simplified

If you’re looking for heavy equipment fleet management software that can handle all your construction operations, contact Zubie today. Our versatile telematics solutions easily adapt to your needs. Track your vehicles, monitor fuel consumption and keep your drivers on schedule. With Zubie, you can streamline all your fleet operations under one powerful API.

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