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Zubie Fleet Connect

Fleet Maintenance Software to Keep Your Vehicles Running

The Zubie Fleet Connect fleet tracking system provides vehicle health monitoring 24/7. Never miss a job again!

With Zubie car monitoring software, you’ll always know the history and condition of your vehicles. Perform an engine health check and schedule maintenance all in one app.

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Fleet Vehicle Health Monitor is an easy-to-install device with simple interface

No expensive hardware required – just plug the key into the OBDII port of the commercial vehicles you want to track, and you’re good to go. Fully compliant with original vehicle manufacturer warranty and vehicle insurance policies.

Features include:

Benefits of Zubie’s Smart Vehicle Monitoring Device

Maintaining a healthy fleet is easy with vehicle performance data and scheduling all synced in one place. Install your device in minutes and tap into these powerful tracking solutions for your fleet.


Staying on top of preventative maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore. Track your fleet’s essential service needs and get reminders when they’re due. Customize service schedules for each vehicle, and flag when service is done – from our portal or the Zubie app. A service diary tracks all your maintenance for easy future reference.

With a car health monitor always tracking your fleet, you’ll instantly know when a vehicle requires maintenance. Keep your fleet on the road longer and adapt to unforeseen breakdowns quicker.


Nationwide Service Scheduling

With Zubie Smart Maintenance, electronically schedule service from a browser or phone. Connect your fleet to a nationwide network of service shops and big-fleet discounts (26% average). Learn more about Smart Maintenance.

Using our network, your drivers can simply ask their browser for a “vehicle health check near me” and find local maintenance providers instantly. Without the confusion of where to find service, your vehicles can be back on the road sooner.

Fuel Level Visibility

Easily know if one of your fleet vehicles is low on fuel with fuel monitoring levels. Get alerts when the tank is below a threshold you set, and quickly check the status of incoming vehicles.

Fuel consumption is a critical metric to measure. It’s one of the many tracking systems Zubie puts at your fingertips.

Engine Health

Monitor the engine health of your fleet vehicles at all times. Check engine light on? Zubie will alert you to problems and tell you what the code means. Save an unnecessary trip to the mechanic, time and money.

If your vehicle does require service, our engine monitoring system for cars and trucks can help you diagnose repairs quickly.


Battery Voltage

More than 52% of vehicle breakdowns are related to a dead battery. Don’t let your drivers get stranded. Know exact battery voltage and get alerts when levels start to get low.

With a battery monitoring system, sending your fleet out in cold temperatures doesn’t have to be a leap of faith. See less vehicles stalled and more on the road.

From Our Customers/Partners:

“Great experience at a great price!”

- Jerry Beharry, Owner, Caliber Patient Care

“Now that we have Zubie, our drivers can focus on being productive instead of being busy.”

- Zack Turner, Salt Lake Valve & Fitting Co.

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