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Simplify Your Telematics Deployment

Zubie helps insurers roll out Usage Based Insurance programs – flexibly, simply, and quickly.

How Can We Help?

High Data Quality

Zubie powers the full data flow, from collection to scoring to delivery, resulting in UBI data you can trust

  • Proprietary OBD-II hardware
  • Second-by-second sampling
  • Reliable cellular connectivity
  • Highly scalable cloud analytics
  • Insightful data augmentation

Fast and Flexible Deployment

Whether your goal is customer retention or acquisition, we’ll help customize your UBI program and launch quickly

  • Turn-key platform
  • Branded devices and collateral
  • Fully customizable user experience across mobile, web and email
  • Fully managed operations and logistics

Engaging Customer Experience

UBI is more than just collecting data – it is about engaging your customers and helping their time on the road be safer and worry free.

  • Award-winning connected car service
  • Engaging features that make driving easier
  • Location awareness, maintenance reminders, vehicle health insights and more
  • A platform that taps into your customers connected lifestyles

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