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Fleet Management Dashcam With GPS Tracking

Zubie Dashcam: OBD-II telematics and HD camera, all in one fleet management dashcam for company vehicles and rental cars.

See how a fleet management dashcam can improve driver safety and accountability for all your vehicles.

All-In-One Fleet Management Dashcam Solution

The value of fleet management + the confidence of video tracking and driver monitoring, all in one device. Zubie’s dashcam for fleet vehicles adds these powerful features to business operation.

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Our world-class telematics, including live map, detailed trip history, and geofence alerts, now with video. Don’t just track your fleet, watch it in real- time or playback with Zubie’s easy to install fleet dashcam.

Driver Performance Reporting

Improves driver and vehicle safety using high-risk behavior alerts and comprehensive reporting. Fleet dashcams add an effective layer in your ability to monitor your drivers and vehicles. A dashcam provides valuable evidence for any altercations your vehicles are involved in.


HD Video: Live & Recorded

Have visibility into critical events with automatic cloud uploads including nighttime and dark environment capture for both road- and cabin-facing cameras. Users have live video streaming available to see what’s happening in real time. Stream live video from your fleet’s installed dashcams to see what’s happening in real-time.


Passenger & Vehicle Security

With cabin-facing cameras, you’ll always know what’s going on inside the vehicle as well as outside. Zubie fleet dashcam captures video of drivers, passengers, and vehicle contents, giving you a visual record of who and what is inside your vehicles.

Fleet Management Dashcam

Video GPS Tracking Made Simple

From delivery and security to shuttle bus and luxury transport, Zubie Dashcam includes everything you need to track and view your most important vehicles. Keep your employees and passengers safe and on track. Zubie Dashcam monitors both the road and the vehicle cabin to protect against distracted driving. Fleet dashcam solutions keep passengers, pedestrians, and drivers safe.

Zubie Dashcam Features for Fleet Management

We’ve combined the value of GPS fleet management with the confidence of video monitoring in one simple-to-use piece of hardware. Zubie dashcam fleet management helps your business protect your vehicles and drivers, while optimizing your day-to-day operations.

• HD Video of Both Road and Cabin
• GPS Tracking
• Simple Installation
• OBD-II Telematics Technology
• Automatic Cloud Upload of Incidents

Zubie Dashcam’s advanced hardware includes

• 256 GB high-endurance SD card, enabling continuous loop recording up to 60 hours
• Front facing camera records 30 fps @ 1080p
• Cabin-facing camera records 30 fps @ 720p, including (optional) audio capture
• Cabin-facing camera includes sensors for low light or night recording

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Zubie’s dashcams are an all-in-one device that offers the same functionality as your existing OBD 4G units, with the addition of video. They will replace any existing GPS devices that you may have.


Yes. You can mix and match dashcams and regular GPS tracking devices, as long as they are on the same length of plan and payment type. The nice thing about the Zubie Dashcam is it uses the same OBD port and doesn’t require additional wiring.


Zubie Dashcam is a fleet management solution, combining video tracking, driver monitoring, and GPS tracking all in one device.


Zubie Dashcams use OBD-II telematics, and plug directly into your vehicle’s OBD-II port. All data from videos, photos, and reports can be viewed on an user friendly dashboard via our web or mobile applications.

  • 256 GB high-endurance SD card, enabling continuous loop recording up to 60 hours
  • Front facing camera records 30 fps @ 1080p
  • Cabin-facing camera records 30 fps @ 720p, including (optional) audio capture
  • Cabin-facing camera includes sensors for low light or night recording
  • Single wire that connects from Dashcam unit to OBD port, providing power to the unit and vehicle analytics to the Zubie platform

Installation is quick and easy. In a matter of minutes, your dashcam will be connected allowing you to benefit from its intuitive capability almost immediately.


Zubie Dashcam can improve communication between operation teams and drivers, improve safety for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, and deter distracted driving and behaviors that negatively impact vehicle health.


The features of Zubie Dashcam, and the reports that are generated, allow you to finetune your fleet operations and vehicle health. Additionally, you can minimize fuel expenses, unnecessary maintenance, odometer readings, and critical incidents which will save you money in the long run.


Zubie offers a variety of payment options to best fit your needs. There are two specific plans that can have Dashcam + OBD-II added to it. Our payment plans provide a feasible way to outfit your entire fleet without having to major upfront expenses.


Dashcam footage is stored on an SD card to keep record of vehicle occupants, and vehicle contents.


While the device does record entire trips locally on the SD card, it will only upload clips of specific events to the Zubie website such as hard breaking and rapid accelerations. You also have an option to view Live video through the Zubie platform for a period of xx seconds.


While each insurance company and policy are different, many companies do offer discounted rates for good driver behavior, or for simply using fleet management tools such as Zubie Dashcam. We highly recommend contacting your individual provider to discuss any potential discounts or incentives.

  • Rental companies
  • Shuttle services
  • Construction companies
  • Loaner fleets
  • Luxury vehicle companies
  • Agriculture
  • Landscaping companies
  • RV/Camper rental companies
  • Delivery services
  • Rideshare companies
  • And any other industries that rely on driver safety, and the transportation of passengers or products.


for 24 months
Easy GPS Tracking
  • Wireless and 2-wire options
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Geofence Alerts (2-wire)
  • Live Map (2-wire)


for 24 months
Advanced Driver & Vehicle Performance
  • Tamper Detection
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Zubie Crew App
  • Location Link


for 24 months
Comprehensive Fleet Management
  • HD Live Streaming
  • Road & Cabin Facing Cameras
  • Critical Event Cloud Capture
  • Simple One-Cable Installation

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