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Zubie Fleet Connect Integrations

Leverage our pre-built integrations, or build custom API integrations.

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Whether you are looking to manage your fleet’s assets, track mileage for expenses, or integrate with a dispatch system, our certified third party apps are the easiest way to extend Zubie to fit your business. Simply connect your Zubie account, and driving events are linked. Checkout

Open API Access

Connect to just about any system using our ZinC API. You can use the REST web services to pull location, health, trip data.  Or use our Webhooks to get notified about critical events in real time.  Whether you are integrating into a dispatch system, payroll, or your own custom app, our API’s are included for free in your Zubie service. Visit our ZinC Developer page for more details and API docs.

Big Data Integration

Zubie Fleet Connect works with large enterprises to develop custom data flows, and access to rich driving data that can be used to analyze driving patterns, spot geographical trends in activity, or improve fleet asset management based on vehicle wear and tear. Contact us to learn how we can support your big data efforts.

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Control the chaos of Fleet Management is completely focused on helping service business franchises, coaches and owner-operators grow and manage their businesses. From answering the phone to scheduling appointments to getting invoices paid, our platform helps you increase revenue and improve cash flow. delivers a fully automated workflow from going on estimates, to creating and delivering professional looking proposals to managing your entire funnel. It then manages your crews to make sure everything you sold is delivered and every customer is happy.

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From Our Customers/Partners:

“As a business owner safety and analytics are very important to me. I was frustrated when I could not find an easy-to-use solution to manage my fleet. For years I used a GPS tracking system that was complicated, had poor reporting, and was impossible to figure out. During a lengthy search for a progressive alternative I found Zubie. I was blown away by the amazing user interface, safety reporting, driver alerts, ease of use, and mobile capabilities. I can honestly say that Zubie has changed the way we do business. For example we now post driver scores in our break room for all to see. It has created a culture of safety and an awareness that we did not expect. The competitive nature of our employees, and wanting to be #1, was amazing. I highly recommend Zubie to anyone that asks.”

- Michael Crafton, 360 Services

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