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Why Golf Carts Need Fleet Tracking

June 12, 2024

side view of a line of golf carts

When you think of golf carts, you might envision quick, convenient vehicles designed to get you from point A to point B. Maintenance, theft, and efficiency might not immediately come to mind, but overlooking these aspects can lead to significant expenses.

Whether you have a fleet of golf carts for a country club, university, or vacation rentals, monitoring and protecting these valuable assets is essential. Let’s explore why this is important and how Zubie can support your business.

Prevent Theft

Many businesses have relatively lax policies regarding these carts, preferring to make it as easy as possible for customers to get a cart when they need it. Unfortunately, that approach can create problems: Golf cart theft is a real issue in some places, mainly because many customers don’t expect the carts to be stolen.

In instances like that, you need to be able to track where your golf carts are and recover them if they are stolen. Zubie’s telematics provide a solution with our easy-to-install Asset Trak device. Small and discreet, it attaches directly to the cart battery and can be installed in less than 10 minutes. With Zubie’s Fleet Connect software, you can always know the real-time location of every cart in your fleet, ensuring quick recovery if theft occurs.

You will also be able to create custom geofences, ensuring that your golf carts remain in or stay out of specific areas while receiving real-time alerts when a geofenced boundary is crossed.

Schedule Proactive Maintenance

Our system allows you to schedule proactive maintenance on cart components, ensuring that your fleet remains in top condition. Regular maintenance helps prevent major problems and keeps your carts running smoothly, reducing downtime and enhancing reliability. You’ll easily be able to track how many carts are available to use, which have upcoming maintenance, and which are already unavailable. This is a vital tool, especially in situations where carts are being rented. Keep customers happy by ensuring you have a well-maintained cart ready for them.

Increase Efficiency

Zubie’s telematics system provides precise location data for your golf carts, accessible through a centralized platform. This allows your team to make informed decisions about cart usage, such as:

This information supports both broad fleet trends and detailed insights into individual carts, helping you optimize operations and plan for long-term needs.

How Zubie Can Help

Golf carts are valuable assets, and Zubie’s Fleet Connect technology helps you protect and manage them effectively. Our solutions offer numerous benefits:

Zubie is committed to helping you develop a customized fleet management solution that fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your golf cart operations.

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