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Zubie Fleet Connect

Industries that Zubie Fleet Connect Can Help

With just one easy-to-install device, you’ll connect to our software platform’s complete solution for vehicle tracking, maintenance, and driver safety.

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Construction, Home Services, Transportation and More

A single device provides OBD-II telematics and GPS tracking, and Zubie’s software platform does the rest – including live vehicle tracking, diagnostic codes, trip history, and vehicle & driver metrics.

Home Services

With franchisees across home services, including restoration, HVAC, plumbing, cleaning, and more, Zubie knows home services. Our reporting and safety scoring give you the tools to track and coach your drivers, and our live map can help you find and route nearby vehicles to improve customer satisfaction.

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Mixed fleets that include heavy-duty and passenger vehicles as well as assets like generators and trailers are easily visible on the same live map and detailed reports. Track your entire operation, motorized or not, from the same simple interface.

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Insight in Motion

Tell Us How We Can Help You Better Manage Your Fleet.

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