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Dealership Inventory Management & Operations Technology

Manage your dealership operations and entire fleet with real-time data to track inventory, manage loaner fleets, hit OEM subsidy targets with ease, and maximize dealership dividends.

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Zubie’s Telematics Solutions Optimize Dealership Operations

Unified Management Platform

Zubie’s single platform integrates essential vehicle data to eliminate manual work and track vehicles on the lot or across multiple locations. Seamlessly connect with rental or loaner systems to streamline your customers’ experience.

Zubie provides custom reports to communicate actionable insights across your fleet — including fleet health, maintenance alerts, and inventory notifications — so your team can see vital information at any time.

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A Holistic Dealership Management Solution That Leverages Real-Time Data

Digital inventory reconciliation has never been easier and your customers will thank you for an accurate and streamlined sales process. Full visibility into your entire inventory is achieved via Zubie’s real-time data solutions — so there’s no doubt about where your assets are at the moment you need to know. Monitor all assets with precision and propel your business forward.

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Risk Mitigation and Employee Usage Monitoring

Receive alerts for unauthorized vehicle usage when unauthorized employees take vehicles home in the evening or customers push boundaries on test drives or with loaner vehicles. With vehicle loaner programs, you’ll be able to monitor mileage caps, time of use, and geography so cars stay within their intended locations.

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Easy Integration, Automated with Countless Tools

We integrate with existing systems (e.g.: TSD) to make the transition as stress-free as possible. Zubie isn’t just another tool in your dealer operations toolbelt: We track and communicate insights to transform your dealership’s operations, saving your team time and money.

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Key Features of Zubie’s Dealership Solutions

Zubie’s Dealership Telematics Solutions Capture Robust Data, Including:

  • GPS location
  • Live map tracking
  • Fuel level
  • Battery level
  • Geofencing
  • Accident detection
  • Driver audit
  • Trip history
  • DTC engine codes
  • Speed alerts
  • Location sharing
  • Custom reporting
  • Theft recovery
  • Maintenance logs
  • Starter prevention
  • Tow alerts
  • HD dashcam video
  • API Integration

Zubie’s Proven Holistic Dealership Solutions

These solutions simplify dealer loaner vehicle programs, streamline inventory management with new and used vehicles, and improve dealership logistics (e.g., parts deliveries, shuttles, vehicle transport, and concierge delivery) so your team can focus on what matters most — making more money. Solve operational issues before they even occur with real-time data and end-to-end tracking from Zubie.

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