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Get The Most Out Of Your Rental Vehicles – Maximize Utilization And Modernize Inventory Management

August 26, 2023

It is no secret that travel related industries, including car rental, came to a halt at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many rental companies were, and still are, trying to figure out ways to prosper in the wake of such an economic blow. 

Now –  more than ever in 2021 – it is vitally important to tighten up your rental operation in order to be successful in such a challenging, and changing market. Fortunately, Zubie has the technology, and tools to keep your rental business running at maximum efficiency and help maintain a notable profit. This is largely possible due to Zubie’s Rental Vehicle Management and Utilization platform. 

A Proactive Approach to Vehicle Utilization 

Utilization comes down to how often a vehicle is being used, and earning revenue, or sitting idle. Knowing this information in real-time is possible with telematics.  Without telematics, utilization reports are historical at best, leaving you minimal insight into vehicle management. Zubie’s utilization platform is a proactive approach to vehicle management.  

With Zubie, rental companies have access to instant data on the activity or idleness of every vehicle on their lot(s).  This is important because idle vehicles do not bring in revenue.  When a rental operation has insight into this current data, they are able to closely analyze whether a vehicle is an asset or a liability. Moreover, understanding the activity of each vehicle gives your rental operation knowledge about customer wants and needs, providing better service all around.

Address Vehicle Health and Maintenance Before They Become Costly

When your rental operation has real-time data on rental inventory, they are also able to manage vehicle health, and maintenance. Without taking a tactical approach to inventory management, you are much more susceptible to costly, and untimely vehicle health issues. It’s one thing to know when your own personal vehicle needs an oil change, but it is an entirely different beast to know when vehicles of an entire fleet need attention. 

With Zubie’s vehicle utilization and inventory management you will be able to keep track of scheduled maintenance that is necessary to keep your rentals active.  Additionally, your rental operation can detect vehicle health issues such as a check engine or low battery charge, before they become a major, expensive problem

Manage Rental Reservations And Multi-Location Vehicle Insights With Geolocation

Geolocation technology allows rental operations to track vehicles coming and going within a certain perimeter.  This means that you can manage customer reservations efficiently by determining the exact location of the vehicle to know if it will be returned and ready for the next customer.  This keeps your rental operation running smoothly, and also keeps customers happy by not wasting their time.

Rental companies with multiple locations can integrate Zubie technology to keep track of every vehicle in their fleet by using geolocation.  Knowing where your vehicles are, and at which location, can seem daunting, and would normally need the management of several people.  With geolocation, this type of tracking is all possible from one remote location, and can be done outside of business hours.  In a world that is constantly trying to implement ways of contactless business practices, being able to control your fleet remotely will reduce the amount of people needed for management, making safety a priority, while also lowering labor expenses. 

With Zubie’s vehicle utilization and vehicle management platform you will be able to take control of your rental operation in a way that will improve your bottom line, and net gains.  This is especially important for travel related companies, such as rental, that are continually taking hits from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Let Zubie Rental Connect help reduce the stress of managing your rental fleet, and have peace of mind knowing you are taking the necessary steps to stay relevant in the rental industry.

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