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Zubie Rental Connect for

RV and Campervan Rental

RVs are massive investments for rental operators. With vehicles operating in remote locations and prone to excessive use or travel in disallowed areas, GPS tracking is a must. Coupled with our live telematics data (including fuel & odometer), Zubie can bring more efficiency to your operation and help you deliver a great customer experience.

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Key Features

Counter System Integration

Our out-of the-box integrations with the most popular rental counter systems will make check-in a breeze. Our open API can support new systems or customizations as well.

Fuel & Odometer Reporting

These two data points are key to a smooth return. Zubie can report odometer readings directly from the vehicle for over 90% of year-make-model combinations, with more being added every week. Make manual reporting errors a thing of the past!


Rental vehicles often end up in places they shouldn’t be. Whether it’s a vehicle off the road, outside of a permitted rental area, or with excessive mileage, Zubie Rental Connect includes real-time alerting based on geographic areas defined by your own operation. You’ll know the moment a vehicle enters an area it shouldn’t be in.


Zubie lets you track scheduled maintenance and costs for each vehicle, and reports can be sent to you automatically based on mileage or time interval to let you plan for upcoming expenses. Vehicles with active trouble codes are also visible in both our main application and in our dashboards and reports.

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