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Advanced Rental Fleet Management Solutions, Tailored for Your Operations

Zubie helps rental fleets of all sizes reduce costs, streamline operations, and create a better customer experience through industry-leading technology and unparalleled support. Our commitment to comprehensive fleet management optimization consistently makes us the #1 telematics solution among rental operators.

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Zubie’s Telematics Solutions Optimize Rental Fleet Operations

Revolutionizing Counter System Integration

Integrated with the top Rental Management Systems in the world, Zubie allows you to streamline your workflow by linking with your existing business systems through our app store or APIs. The integration with your RMS adds a whole new dimension of features to turbo charge your capabilities. Your Zubie connected car data is also seamlessly integrated into your software platform, simplifying your fleet management. Easy to install. Easier to use.

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End-to End Rental Fleet Management Software with Real-Time Data

Elevate your operations with Zubie’s real-time vehicle insights, ensuring optimal efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. Gain immediate visibility into your fleet’s health and location, streamlining workflows and decision-making processes.

Designed specifically for the rental industry, our solutions offer precision and simplicity, driving your business forward with actionable data. Experience seamless fleet management that adapts to your needs, keeping you ahead in a competitive market.

Vehicle Location Tracking and Recovery Tools

Features like live map, geofencing, and tow alerts help you precisely track the location and status of your vehicles with real-time GPS data while providing detailed insights into past and overdue rentals.

Speed up vehicle recovery and minimize downtime of your fleet. Generate shareable links to your vehicle’s current position with Location Link and activate Recovery Mode for high frequency location tracking.

This comprehensive approach ensures you have real-time visibility and detailed information at your fingertips, empowering you to make informed decisions and effectively manage your fleet.

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Lot Management Optimization and Enchanced Customer Experience

Strengthen your rental business’s fleet management with real-time insights across multiple locations. Zubie’s advanced group feature also allows inventory segmentation options – allowing you to tag vehicles based on class, type, or location – reducing multi-lot and multi-location management issues. Improve customer experiences by knowing which vehicles are currently rented, sitting on your lot, or undergoing maintenance.

Proactively manage upcoming reservations based on vehicle location and determine where and when your vehicles will be returned – ready for the next rental. Keep employees and customers happy by cutting down on manual processes for vehicle check-out and check-in, allowing for better Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores and less month-end audits.

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Proactive Maintenance Alerts Anticipates Issues Before They Arise

Unlock the power of real-time vehicle battery and diagnostic monitoring. Seamlessly track and manage service needs, diagnose trouble codes, and receive instant alerts on vehicle health status—all in one centralized platform.

Say goodbye to unexpected downtime and costly repairs. With Zubie, you’ll anticipate and address issues before they escalate, ensuring optimal rental fleet performance maximizing uptime. Our synced data system provides comprehensive insights into your fleet’s health, empowering you to make informed decisions effortlessly. Rest easy knowing that your vehicles are on the road exactly when you need them.

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Key Features of Zubie’s Rental Solutions

Zubie’s Rental Telematics Solutions Capture Robust Data, Including:

  • Device Tamper Alerts
  • High Risk Driver Detection
  • Accident Detection
  • Departure & Return Alerts
  • Unlimited Geofences
  • VIN Detection
  • Battery Health
  • Diagnostic Engine Codes
  • Maintenance Scheduling & Alerts
  • Multi-Lot Management
  • Unauthorized Use Alerts
  • Overdue Vehicle Location
  • Utilization and Vehicle Status
  • Mileage/Geography Notifications

Zubie’s Proven Holistic Rental Fleet Solutions

These solutions simplify rental car and long-term lease vehicle programs by streamlining inventory management, improving rental fleet logistics, and  reducing operational issues before they occur with real-time data and end-to-end tracking. Using Zubie’s rental fleet management software means your team can focus on what matters most — making more money.

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