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Zubie Fleet Connect

Driver Monitoring System to Know How Your Drivers are Performing

Weed out unsafe driving behaviors and save money at the pump. Zubie’s driver management software tracks your crew so you can assess their performance.

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Drive Efficiency

Save money by analyzing trip history and planning faster, more reliable routes. Increase fuel efficiency by improving driver’s skills and reducing gas-guzzling habits such as heavy idling and rapid accelerating. Streamline your fleet operations for better success.


Driver Safety and Alerts

Coach drivers based on their unique Driver Score to improve driver retention and increase overall fleet safety. Our driver management system alerts you to dangerous habits like hard braking and speeding as well as potential crash situations. Compare Driver Scores for some friendly competition and encourage better driving habits.


Reports and Analytics

Get weekly and monthly reports via email with insights on fleet-level performance, driver performance and trip history. Easily export your trip history into a spreadsheet for further analysis. Zubie gives you limitless driver performance solutions.


Uncover trends and problems quickly with the Zubie Fleet Connect Dashboard

  • Understand the big picture with fleet-wide trends
  • Use the leaderboard to identify top/bottom performers
  • Drill into driver (or vehicle) level details
  • Understand both trip and visit activity
  • Segment your fleet into groups for easy comparison
  • Compare your own performance with other Zubie-powered fleets
  • Easily export summarized data for external reporting
  • Share dashboard views with other users

Keep your drivers in the loop with the Zubie Crew App

Driver fleet management can be a challenge if drivers can’t connect the dots between their daily driving and a weekly scorecard.
Invite your drivers to use the Zubie Crew driver app – a tracking system where they can:

• View their own Driver Scorecard
• Check how they drove after each trip
• Get tips on how to be more efficient and safer
• Be alerted about Engine or Battery problems

From Our Customers/Partners:

“As a business owner safety and analytics are very important to me. I was frustrated when I could not find an easy-to-use solution to manage my fleet. For years I used a GPS tracking system that was complicated, had poor reporting, and was impossible to figure out. During a lengthy search for a progressive alternative I found Zubie. I was blown away by the amazing user interface, safety reporting, driver alerts, ease of use, and mobile capabilities. I can honestly say that Zubie has changed the way we do business. For example we now post driver scores in our break room for all to see. It has created a culture of safety and an awareness that we did not expect. The competitive nature of our employees, and wanting to be #1, was amazing. I highly recommend Zubie to anyone that asks.”

- Michael Crafton, 360 Services

“Now that we have Zubie, our drivers can focus on being productive instead of being busy.”

- Zack Turner, Salt Lake Valve & Fitting Co.

“Great experience at a great price!”

- Jerry Beharry, Owner, Caliber Patient Care

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