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Fleet Management Made Simple.

With just one easy-to-install device, you’ll connect to our software platform’s complete solution for vehicle tracking, maintenance, and driver safety.

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How Fleet Connect Works

See how Zubie Fleet Connect helps protect your
vehicles and optimize your business.

A single device provides OBD-II telematics and GPS tracking, and Zubie’s software platform does the rest – including live vehicle tracking, diagnostic codes, trip history, and vehicle & driver metrics.

All the information you need - in one place, and easy to understand

What Fleet Connect Provides

Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

Zubie Fleet Connect includes always-connected cellular service, so you can stay connected to your fleet from anywhere.

  • Locate vehicles 24/7 from a live map
  • Find the closest driver based on traffic
  • View and store trip history
  • Get alerts when vehicles arrive/depart geofences
  • Manage vehicle use outside of working hours
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24/7 Vehicle Health Monitoring

Zubie Vehicle Health is like having a virtual mechanic under the hood fulltime.

  • Monitor engine diagnostics
  • Receive low fuel/battery alerts
  • Estimate repair costs
  • Locate service from 20,000 fleet-friendly shops
  • Save with fleet discount (26% average)
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Manage Service, Repairs and Costs in One Place

Zubie Smart Maintenance streamlines all your service needs in one place making it easy to schedule new repairs, review past service records and manage payments.

  • Track OEM service reminders
  • Any employee can schedule maintenance from their mobile location
  • Make service payments
  • Invoice history all in one location
  • Trusted brands and technicians at your fingertips
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Stay Shotgun with Your Drivers

Zubie Driver Performance puts you in the passenger seat of every vehicle and allows you to update your efficiency one driver at a time.

  • Weekly/monthly reports
  • Flag unsafe behaviors
  • Speed alerts
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Compare driver’s performance scores
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Make Zubie Fleet Connect Your Own

Zubie Integrations means Fleet Connect grows and adapts with your needs. You can fully customize your app to maximize your workflow and efficiency.

  • Choose apps from the Zubie store
  • Link outside apps thru your account
  • Integrate all aspects of your operation from dispatch to payroll
  • Analyze large chunks of data under one microscope
  • Identify growth opportunities


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Dashcam Connectivity

Introducing Zubie Dashcams

From delivery and security to shuttle bus and luxury transport, Zubie Dashcam includes everything you need to track and view your most important vehicles, keeping your employees and passengers safe and on track. Zubie Dashcam monitors both the road and the vehicle cabin to protect against distracted driving and keep passengers, pedestrians, and drivers safe.

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