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Zubie Rental Connect for

Car Rental

Zubie Rental connect is built from the ground up with features designed to specifically support car rental operations. From customized reporting on inventory & usage to counter integrations, our platform delivers immediate value right out of the box.

Using Zubie’s car rental management software, you’ll be able to speed up turnarounds, reduce maintenance headaches, and improve customer satisfaction. Install the device easily and have valuable data flowing to your Zubie dashboard within minutes.

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How Our Car Rental Fleet Management Software Works

Curious? Getting up and running with Zubie won’t take you much longer than the time it takes to watch this introductory video. Installation is as simple as plugging your device in to a vehicle’s OBD port and starting a trip. Vehicle data including fuel, odometer, trouble codes and GPS position will show up in your Zubie Rental Connect automatically.
From there, you can customize your rental fleet management software to your own needs. Get the data you want when you want it. Our dedicated support team is always ready to help.

Key Telematics Features

Zubie offers access to data from the most recent year-make-model combinations across your fleet. With a device that plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and built-in cellular connectivity, you’ll see data from your vehicles in your web and mobile application in just minutes after installation.

Fuel & Odometer

Make manual errors a thing of the past and create a smooth return experience that’s easy for your customers and your rental management team. Zubie can read fuel & odometer values from a huge (and growing!) range of vehicles. See how easy the rental process can be.

Track & Recover

Zubie and partners have helped dozens of customers trace and recover stolen vehicles. With Location Link, rental fleet owners can easily share real-time GPS tracking updates of a vehicle’s position with police and insurance. Zubie’s powerful rental fleet management tools give you a comprehensive view of all your vehicles – on site, on the road and AWOL.

Counter Systems Integration

Zubie offers out of the box integration with leading rental counter systems. Need a new or custom integration? Developers can integrate with ease using Zubie’s RESTful API. We build car rental fleet management software that works with your counter system.

Maintain & Optimize

Keep your off-rent time to a minimum with regular maintenance reporting. Whether it’s real-time diagnostic codes or reports on upcoming scheduled maintenance, Zubie always keeps you up to date on the status of your vehicles. We make it easy to maximize the capabilities and value of your car rental company.

The Value of Telematics

Curious about the benefits of adding telematics to your operation? Our whitepaper will help you understand the power of data for your business. You’ll learn how to optimize vehicle utilization, which key metrics your operation should be tracking, and how easy it can be to integrate with other business systems.

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