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backside of silver sedan on a beach on a cloudy day

March 22, 2024

Asset TrakRentalRental ConnectRental Management System

Streamlining Your Rental Operations with Telematics

Explore how telematics transforms rental fleet management, addressing maintenance efficiency, vehicle tracking, and utilization challenges. Discover the comprehensive benefits of integrating telematics for improved customer experiences and operational safeguards with Zubie.

close up of hand using a screwdriver on an electronics panel

March 6, 2024

Rental ConnectRental Management Systemsmart maintenance

Why You Need Real-Time Data For Rental Vehicle Maintenance

Discover how Zubie’s telematics solutions can transform your rental fleet maintenance, offering real-time alerts and health reports to keep your vehicles operational and reduce downtime. Learn more about preemptive maintenance strategies to save time and enhance customer satisfaction.

close up of electric vehicle charging port with charger inserted

February 22, 2024

Electric VehiclesRental ConnectRental Management System

The Complexities of Electric Vehicles in Your Rental Fleet

Learn about the challenges affecting electric vehicle sales and how rental fleet operators can better manage their electric vehicle inventory with Zubie’s real-time tracking, accurate valuation systems, and fleet management tools for long-term success.

car dealership showroom as seen from balcony above

February 7, 2024

DealershipFleet Management

Why Real-Time Data Matters for Dealerships

Uncover the necessity for car dealerships to adopt real-time data tools in meeting today’s customer demands and managing fleet health effectively. Learn how Zubie’s platform provides critical insights for immediate customer service and efficient fleet management.

overhead view of car dealership with soft focus around edges

January 18, 2024

DealershipFleet Management

Car Dealership Trends for 2024

Explore the trends that car dealerships can expect in 2024, including economic factors, customer expectations, and the rise of eCommerce. Learn how Zubie’s fleet management software can help dealers adapt to these changes, offering streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences.

man approaching car next to a truck at night

December 17, 2023

Driver SafetyFleet ConnectFleet Management

Telematics’ Role in Safeguarding Your Fleet from Theft and Misuse

Learn about the crucial role of telematics in fleet security and how Zubie’s advanced solutions like Asset Trak enhance vehicle protection and proactive maintenance, ensuring fleet safety and efficiency.

line of green heavy-duty truck cabs

December 16, 2023

Fleet ConnectFleet ManagementRentalTrucking

Utilizing Asset Tracking for Improved Supply Chain Visibility

Discover how telematics revolutionizes supply chain management, offering real-time asset tracking, predictive maintenance, and enhanced security. Explore its ripple effect on cost efficiency, decision-making, and customer satisfaction. Learn how Zubie orchestrates this transformation, leading you to operational excellence.

woman looking at a laptop while working on a car engine

December 15, 2023

Fleet ConnectFleet Managementsmart maintenance

Charting the Path Forward: Leveraging Telematics for Proactive Vehicle Care

Explore how telematics transforms vehicle maintenance from reactive to proactive with Zubie. Discover predictive analytics, real-time diagnostics, care scheduling, and cost-saving strategies for efficient fleet management.

car on a rental lot surrounded by other blurred cars

December 13, 2023

OBD ReportingRental

Streamlining Rental Fleet Check-Ins with Real-Time Data

Discover how telematics solutions like Zubie Rental Connect transform rental fleet check-ins, enhancing efficiency and accuracy with real-time data. Learn how this technology streamlines operations, reduces customer wait times, and optimizes fleet management for improved satisfaction and cost savings.

line of golf carts in front of palm trees at an upscale resort

December 11, 2023

Fleet ManagementGPS Tracking

The Essential Guide to GPS Tracking for Golf Carts

Discover the transformative power of GPS tracking for golf carts in resorts, municipalities, and schools. Dive into safety, efficiency, customer experience enhancements, and how Zubie’s platform offers a comprehensive solution for modern fleet management.

back end of a white Mercedes coupe with spoiler and taillights on

December 10, 2023

RentalRental Management System

Luxury in Rentals: What You Need to Know

Discover the rising opportunities in the luxury car rental market. Learn how market trends favor expansion and how Zubie tools can elevate your operations, ensuring you’re poised for success in a booming sector.

Zubie AssetTrak device against purple background

December 9, 2023

Asset TrakFleet ManagementGPS TrackingRental

The Power of Asset Tracking for Vehicle Fleets and Rentals

Discover the unmatched benefits of asset tracking for vehicle fleets and rentals. Dive into Zubie’s AssetTrak features and elevate your fleet management game.

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