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Zubie Fleet Connect

Real-Time GPS Tracking for Fleet Vehicles

Zubie is an easy-to-use GPS tracking system for fleets, both large and small.

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With an easy-to-install GPS fleet tracking device and simple interface, you'll be in business fast:

No expensive hardware required – just plug the key into the OBD-II port of the commercial vehicles you want to track, and you’re good to go. Fully compliant with original vehicle manufacturer warranty and vehicle insurance policies.

Features include:

GPS Fleet Tracking Features

Simple, real-time features allow you to know where your vehicles are and where they’ve been at all times.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Want to know where a fleet vehicle is at any time? Quickly locate your vehicles and drivers on the Zubie Fleet Connect Live Map on your smartphone or PC. Know if a vehicle is en route or parked, and the direction they are currently driving.

Vehicle Trip History

Never miss a trip your drivers take in your work vehicles. View all trips taken by each vehicle, including the start/end time, exact route the driver took, mileage, driving habits and more. Make sales reporting and tax filing easier.

Place Alerts

No need to ask drivers when they’ve arrived at a certain location. Get an automatic notification. Create geofencing alerts to know when a fleet vehicle has comes or goes from a common location like the office or warehouse. Impress customers with accurate arrival time estimates.

From Our Customers/Partners:

“As a business owner safety and analytics are very important to me. I was frustrated when I could not find an easy to use solution to manage my fleet. For years I used a GPS tracking system that was complicated, had poor reporting, and was impossible to figure out. During a lengthy search for a progressive alternative I found Zubie. I was blown away by the amazing user interface, safety reporting, driver alerts, ease of use, and mobile capabilities. I can honestly say that Zubie has changed the way we do business. For example we now post driver scores in our break room for all to see. It has created a culture of safety and an awareness that we did not expect. The competitive nature of our employees, and wanting to be #1, was amazing. I highly recommend Zubie to anyone that asks.”

- Michael Crafton, 360 Services

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