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Zubie Dashcam

Zubie Fleet Dashcam With Video + GPS Tracking

Zubie Dashcam is an integrated video & telematics device for fleets large and small. With a single cable to connect the device to your vehicle’s OBD-II port, installation couldn’t be simpler. Zubie’s platform allows you to seamlessly mix and match devices including video and asset trackers in your fleet and see all your data unified in our web and mobile applications.

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Telematics, GPS Tracking, and Video in One Platform

From delivery and security to shuttle bus and luxury transport, Zubie Dashcam includes everything you need to track and view your most important vehicles, keeping your employees and passengers safe and on track. Zubie Dashcam monitors both the road and the vehicle cabin to protect against distracted driving and keep passengers, pedestrians, and drivers safe. GPS, video, and telematics are all transmitted from a single device.

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Our world-class telematics, including live map, detailed trip history, and geofence alerts, now with video.

Driver Performance Reporting

Improves driver and vehicle safety using high-risk behavior alerts and comprehensive reporting.

HD Video: Live & Recorded

Have visibility into critical events with automatic cloud uploads including nighttime and dark environment capture for both road- and cabin-facing cameras. Users have live video streaming available to see what’s happening in real time.

Passenger & Vehicle Security

With cabin-facing cameras, you’ll know what’s going on inside the vehicle as well as outside. Zubie Dashcam will capture video of drivers, passengers, and vehicle contents so that you’ll always have a record of who and what is inside.

A Uniquely Capable Device

The sleek and low-profile dashcam offers premium, future-proof functionality. With Zubie Fleet Connect, new and upgraded features are released constantly as part of our software platform with no action needed for your devices, and you can be confident that your investment in a dashcam will serve you for years to come.


Zubie Dashcam’s hardware includes

  • 256 GB high-endurance SD card, enabling continuous loop recording up to 60 hours
  • Front facing camera records 30 fps @ 1080p
  • Cabin-facing camera records 30 fps @ 720p, including (optional) audio capture
  • Cabin-facing camera includes sensors for low light or night recording

Zubie Fleet Connect supports

  • Automatic upload of road & cabin video for driving incidents including hard braking, collisions, and rapid acceleration
  • Automatic upload of photos of road & cabin for start and end of trips: quickly see who was driving and where they made a stop
  • Zubie’s live map view for GPS tracking with an integrated video player for web, iOS (coming soon) and Android (coming soon)

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