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Vehicle Valuation Tools

Zubie’s vehicle valuation tools are designed to effectively manage the vehicles in your fleet to reach financial success. Your vehicles have the potential to be either an asset or a liability, and striking the right balance is complex and requires careful research, timing, and future projections. Utilizing Zubie’s Vehicle Valuation tools will help turn your liability into profit center!

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Zubie Vehicle Valuation Tools

Zubie’s comprehensive suite of vehicle valuation tools, reports, and calculators addresses many stages of fleet management success: planning, daily management, and future projections. It has earned the trust of professionals because it is backed up by the analytics of leading consumer data providers.

Vehicle Valuation Offers:

Key Features

Daily Management

Vehicle Valuation provides you with the capability to know the exact value of each car in your fleet. The dashboard generates a bird’s eye view over your total assets and discloses important fleet figures such as type of ownership percentages, fleet composition, and other key reports.

Market Value

Current market value feature calculates each car’s market value, taking into consideration key factors such as condition, location, make, model, and year. It also discloses retail value and auction value for each vehicle. This report is updated automatically so that fleet managers are always up-to-date and can make informed selling decisions.


Robust algorithms provide the estimated future market values of each vehicle and for up to 3 years. It considers the age of the car, its condition, and a host of factors that affect future value. With this projection feature, fleet managers can control decisions about the best time to sell a vehicle to maximize profit.

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