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Improve your Rental Business ROI Using Mobility Data

November 7, 2022

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Rental company owners are tasked with thoughtfully considering what resources to invest in, and how those investments will impact their business and customers. It is particularly difficult to make these types of decisions given today’s economic climate. With competition and inflation on the rise, rental owners need to make decisions that will ultimately make a positive impact on their return on investment (ROI), and the overall success of their company.

Rental owners are likely to have trepidation about making any big investments. This is understandable given the costs associated with operating a business that relies on high value assets. Owners need to invest wisely – choosing to invest in resources that are low risk with potential for a big ROI. Investing in an all inclusive telematics rental platform is a solution that meets these standards. 

Is Investing in Telematics Worth it for Your Rental Business?

Investing in a telematics platform is a strategic business move. As with any investment there are some upfront and ongoing costs. A primary concern for rental businesses looking to invest in a telematics platform are the costs of hardware required for each vehicle. While this is a valid concern, and is a major factor in making an investment, it is important to look beyond the upfront cost. 

Zubie’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Novak, elaborates on the investment of telematics platform, “Zubie recognizes the hesitation associated with investing in telematics and seeks to counter them with tangible benefits that bring about a quick ROI. Zubie’s inclusive telematics solution, Zubie Rental Connect, has features that provide direct, money saving opportunities. The metrics gathered from these features allow owners to capitalize on these opportunities in order to improve their bottom line.”

ROI Opportunities for Rental Businesses

Zubie Rental Connect has many beneficial features, and when used to their full potential, can help identify money saving opportunities. 

Invest for Your Success Now and in the Future

Strategically investing in your rental company will set you up for success now, and in the future. While the initial costs for any investment can seem like a risky move, the potential for a major ROI mitigates these hesitations. Zubie aims to help rental operations navigate the entire process of implementing telematics so that your business can quickly begin to see a ROI that will really impact the success of your company.

Contact our Zubie experts to discuss how investing in Zubie Rental Connect can provide major benefits for your business.

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