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Zubie Rental Connect

Real-Time Rental Fleet Mileage Tracking

Upon vehicle return, how often is mileage captured incorrectly, causing more work for someone else and frustration because the data is wrong? Not with Zubie, we pull mileage directly from the vehicle! Streamline your check-in process, reduce manual input errors and increase fuel revenue capture using connected capabilities.

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Odometer Insights

Odometer insights provide you with precise metrics to track mileage.

How Zubie Helps

  • Provide reporting on vehicle dashboard mileage.
  • Improve vehicle return process and accuracy.
  • Alert high mileage vehicles to avoid overages.
  • Stay ahead of maintenance and improve vehicle performance.

Key Features


Report vehicle dashboard mileage. Mileage alerts can be based on vehicle geofenced locations. High mileage alerts to indicate excess mileage in a given time frame – RA has maximum mileage before being charged per miles excess fee.

Vehicle Return

Speed up the check in process by sending an alert to the return agent as the vehicle enters the return line.


Turn on alerts to receive notifications on high mileage vehicles to notify owners that the vehicle has hit a mileage threshold. Owner will be alerted that the vehicle needs to be exchanged to avoid reduction in resale value due to mileage overages.

Maintenance Reminders

Up-to-date mileage indicators notify when service increments are being reached. Pre-schedule maintenance and avoid lost days due to scheduling conflicts.

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