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Fleet Fuel Management System

Do your return agents know for certain a gas tank is full? Even if the needle is on F, how accurate is your reporting? With Zubie’s fleet fuel management system, you’ll always know the exact fuel level in all your vehicles. Our real-time fuel management system for cars and other rental vehicles makes your check-in process more efficient and reduces manual input errors.

Learn how our fleet fuel management tool can streamline the way you manage your rental fleet’s fuel consumption and fuel costs.

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Fuel Insights

Fuel insights provide you with precise metrics to track fuel usage. Never second guess whether a customer refilled their rental vehicle before returning it. Ensure that your vehicles are always ready to go. We make vehicle fuel management easy with precise fuel data reporting.

How Zubie Helps

  • Manage lost fuel to measure and monitor cost.
  • Real time reporting to monitor fuel usage.
  • Advanced reporting on fuel levels prior to vehicle return.
  • Improve vehicle return process and efficiency with better accuracy.

Key Features

Fuel Recapture

Calculate lost fuel per month. Charge fuel shortages within compatible third-party rental management systems by adding the ability to charge on rental agreement.


Reporting available on vehicle dashboard fuel. Display as increments in 1/16th or as a percentage. Detailed reports are based on vehicle status and location.


Fuel & Geofencing capabilities alert return agents of fuel levels as vehicles enter the return lines. Fleet fuel management software makes powerful metrics easy to use.

Vehicle Return

Accelerate return process and eliminate mis-keyed entries. Track when vehicles are fueled and the distance/time to the return line.

Fleet Management Fuel Solutions

With fluctuating fuel costs, it can be difficult to manage your operating costs. Using our detailed metrics, you can more accurately measure fuel spending and manage fuel economy for your fleet. Contact Zubie to learn how easy it is to install rental connect in your fleet today.

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