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Zubie Rental Connect

Vehicle Reported Fuel for Your Rental Fleet

Do your return agents really know when a tank is full, even if the needle is on F? Zubie knows exactly what the fuel level is with our real-time fuel management! Make the check-in process more efficient and reduce manual input errors.

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Fuel Insights

Fuel insights provide you with precise metrics to track fuel usage.

How Zubie Helps

  • Manage lost fuel to measure and monitor cost.
  • Reporting to monitor fuel usage.
  • Advanced reporting on fuel levels prior to vehicle return.
  • Improve vehicle return process and improve accuracy.

Key Features

Fuel Recapture

Calculate lost fuel per month. Charge fuel shortages within compatible third-party rental management systems by adding ability to charge on rental agreement.


Reporting available on vehicle dashboard fuel. Display as increments in 1/16th or as a percentage. Minute reporting based on vehicle status and location.


Fuel & Geofencing capabilities alert return agents of fuel levels as vehicles enter the return lines.

Vehicle Return

Accelerate return process and eliminate mis-keyed entries. Track when vehicles have been fueled and the distance/time to return line.

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