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Every year, Zubie helps rental franchise owners find and recover lost and stolen vehicles with our real-time GPS tracking capabilities.

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GPS Tracking for Rental Vehicles

Unfortunately, theft can be part of day-to-day life for rental franchisees. To help protect your assets, we’ve developed tools in addition to our 4G LTE tracking devices that can help reduce the headache of finding lost vehicles.

How Zubie Helps

  • OBD-II devices with battery backup continue to send a position even if unplugged
  • Location Link lets you generate a shareable live link to the car’s current position
  • Detailed trip reporting provides exact times, history, and addresses
  • Zubie partners with experts who specialize in stolen vehicle recovery as part of your Zubie Rental Connect subscription.

Key Features

Location Link

Share a vehicle’s location with anyone in real time – let insurance, partners, or law enforcement use the same GPS tracking information that you have.

Detailed Trip History

Zubie’s GPS tracking data shows times, addresses, speed, and the driver’s exact path from point to point.

Asset Trak

Zubie Asset Trak can provide an additional level of security for stored vehicles, transmitting its location at regular intervals for up to 2 years.

Recovery Expertise

Zubie’s support and customer success teams have worked with rental franchises in the past at times when minutes matter. We also partner with consultants who specialize in recovering lost vehicles.

“I’d say Zubie is a must. It takes less than 10 minutes to get it up and running. Frankly, within the first 45 days of installing devices, we realized a return on it just by not paying for recovery on a stolen vehicle. It paid for itself right there.” 

- Ryan, Avis

“Great product and company all around! The device helped us recover an embezzled vehicle. It saves us extra costs by letting us know when issues start. The price is very reasonable for all the great features, and support has always been right there when we needed it.

- John, Fleet Manager

“Due to our franchise’s close proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, our vehicles were often difficult to find in the mass of airport rental returns. Zubie made it quicker and easier to pinpoint those vehicles so we got them back to the lot and back out on rent sooner.”

- Rich, Franchise Owner Operator

“We had a vehicle stolen last night but because of the installed Zubie device law enforcement pulled over the thief and arrested him. We saw exactly when he took it, how long he drove over 90 mph and were able to guide law enforcement over the phone right to him. Thanks a bunch!”

- Eric, Fleet Manager

Asset Protection

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