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Zubie Rental Connect

Manage Rental Fleet Safety & Breakdown Alerts

It’s frustrating and potentially dangerous when a customer rents a vehicle and the check engine light goes on. It can negatively impact user experience and lead to costly repairs. If you don’t address the problem quickly, you lose customers and money.

Zubie Smart Maintenance with rental vehicle alert is the most efficient way to track, manage, and pay for vehicle service. Zubie pulls diagnostic trouble codes and alerts you to the problem! Get real-time rental vehicle alerts and health status updates for your entire fleet.

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Maintaining Fleet Health With Rental Vehicle Alerts

Staying on top of preventative maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore. Track your fleet’s essential service needs and get reminders when they are due.  A vehicle alert notice let’s you know when one of your vehicles is experiencing a problem.

What Zubie Does for You

Key Features

Maintenance Reminders

Set mileage and usage thresholds to alert when vehicles need service. Intelligently plan maintenance based on actual mileage, OEM recommendations, or custom schedules.


Speed up scheduled maintenance so you can preplan service. Zubie rental connect sends a signal when an active rental has engine or maintenance alerts. You can then notify your renters that they can swap vehicles (if code is severe) or continue to drive their vehicle for the duration of their rental.

Engine Health

Monitor your vehicles’ engine health at all times. Check engine light on? Zubie will alert you to any problems and tell you what the code means. Save time, money and an unnecessary trip to the mechanic.

Preventative Measure

Remotely monitor battery voltage and health on all of your vehicles to eliminate future stalls or troubled rentals. Zubie fleet management keeps your customers on the road.

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