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Zubie Rental Connect

Counter System Integration for Rental Fleets

Tired of having to log into multiple systems to manage your fleet? Zubie can help! Integrate your rental counter system with Zubie to provide a seamless operating experience for shared rental car and loaner fleet platforms.

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Connecting your counter system with Zubie offers a simplified user experience. Leverage our pre-built integrations or build custom API integrations.

What Zubie Does for You

Key Features

API Integration

Share detailed API information in Zubie platform in your Rental Management System which includes: mileage readings, fuel levels and location of vehicle.

Simple Interface Solution

Manage your entire fleet outside of your Rental Management System through Zubie desktop and mobile interface.

Advanced Technology

Designed with the latest technology in-mind, we built the Zubie platform with a simple to use interface and web application that adopts the latest and most up-to-date standards.


State of the art API with complete and simple to follow outline of webhooks to send/share triggered alerts when there is a particular event.

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