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How Zubie Fleet Connect Can Improve Your Franchise Operations

January 27, 2022

Zubie has eased the responsibility of franchise owners to provide their franchisees with the best possible solutions by offering franchise owners a robust fleet management solution. From the franchise owner, to the drivers at individual franchisees, the benefits are wide reaching to all stakeholders involved. 

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Franchise owners have the great responsibility of choosing the best preferred vendors to offer their franchisees. Zubie eases the stress of this task by offering franchise owners a mutual partnership and fleet management solution that comes with a long list of benefits. From the franchise owner, to the drivers at individual franchisees, the benefits are wide reaching to all stakeholders involved. 

Fleet Management Capabilities 

Zubie Fleet Connect solutions provide franchise owners and franchisees with in-depth visibility into their fleet operations. All of this is made possible with an easy to install device and Zubie’s intuitive software platform.

With this GPS technology you have the ability to create geofences. Fleet operations can receive notification alerts for vehicle arrival and departures, along with any time a vehicle travels outside of a set area or is in one for an extended period of time.

Benefits for Franchise Owner

Franchise owners partner with Zubie because of their superior fleet management technology, and the abundance of benefits that comes with it. When a franchise owner chooses Zubie as their preferred vendor, Zubie offers their fleet management solutions at a discounted rate, making this a cost effective decision for the owner and franchisees. Additionally, when a franchise owner partners with Zubie, it provides them with a comprehensive look into the operations of each franchisee. This gives them the information and data needed to make proactive decisions about the future of their franchise. 

Benefits for Franchisees

Entrepreneurs often choose to become a franchisee for the multitude of advantages and assistance they receive from the franchisor. Along with a solid business model, brand recognition, and higher success rates; franchisees benefit from the reliable technology, and external resources offered through the franchisor. When Zubie is a preferred vendor, the franchisee is able to streamline their fleet management operations, which will ultimately improve their bottom line. In some cases, the franchisor can offer an incentive kickback for using a preferred vendor.  A monetary incentive is very appealing to the franchisee, and in the end allows the franchisor to run a tighter operation and improve their overall success as a whole.  

Interested in Partnering with Zubie? 

According to Zubie’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Novak, “Establishing a partnership with Zubie can improve the bottom line for an entire franchise, with each stakeholder benefitting along the way. Improved fleet visibility, and precise fleet management capabilities can really take your franchise to the next level of success.” Contact an expert today to learn how Zubie can compliment your franchise and fleet operations. 

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