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Fleet Tracking Benefits for HVAC Companies

July 4, 2023


I want to show you how a fleet tracking system can benefit you. There are a lot of ideas to increasing business for HVAC companies. It’s probably longer than Santa’s Naughty or Nice list. Everyone believes gaining more customers starts by offering great service, so over the top, so amazing, that people can’t help but recommend you. And though customer service is key to a successful HVAC company, “wowing them” is not the only answer.

It’s more about making your customer’s experience effortless, in terms of solving their problems. When your heat goes out during the winter deep-freeze, you’re not likely to be patient. You’re going to be frustrated. You’ll want immediate relief.

Think about your cable company. Would you rather have free HBO when service goes out or would you rather have a fast, painless restoration of your connection? When it comes to “good” service, they want it to be effortless and painless as possible.

This is where a fleet tracking system, like Zubie, can help improve your customer service. When you aspire to be reliable, quick, and cost-effective, a fleet tracking system can address all those pain-points. Let’s break it down …

Fleet Tracking Systems Increase Reliability

You don’t have time to ride with every technician and make sure they complete their house calls within a timely manner. Nor can you verify they actually did their work on time. You need a fleet tracking system to be your eyes and ears. Zubie utilizes GPS tracking, so you can analyze a technician’s performance.

Knowing trip history allows you to confirm service appointments. It helps you identify which staff members are taking too much time responding to a client. When you give a customer a time-window of arrival, it’s important to meet that expectation. Otherwise, you could be faced with angry clients, bad reviews, and missed business opportunities. Zubie makes sure everyone is where they should be, and is efficient as possible.

Respond Quickly to Customers in-Need

It’s winter. The heat isn’t working. A customer is going to make calls to several HVAC companies, to see which one can get to them first. Having Zubie can assist you with dispatching technicians to service locations, when you receive calls like these. All you need is insight. Knowing where your technicians are and which ones can reach that location quickly can help you respond faster and allow you to beat competitors.

With Zubie, you can pinpoint which technicians are closest to the service location. You can get a ballpark estimated time of arrival so you can communicate the right expectations to the customer. Again, you’re keeping the experience as effortless and painless as possible for the customer.

Zubie Can Help You Save Money

There are two main areas Zubie can help you save money: 1) Operational Costs and 2) Vehicle Costs.

Choosing optimal routes for HVAC technicians to drive can save gas. It can allow you to reach customers quicker, giving you more time to service others — therefore increasing business. In terms of vehicle costs, Zubie can help you monitor driver behavior — whether they’re revving the engine a lot or braking hard constantly. Bad driving behavior can put wear and tear on a vehicle, costing you more money for maintenance. Having Zubie in place helps you identify cost-effective opportunities to support your business.

Will Fleet Tracking Work For You?

Zubie works with trucks, vans, and cars made after 1996. Zubie plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostics port – no professional help or tools needed. Basically, the device plugs into a car, van, or truck like a memory stick. and tracks vehicle location, vehicle health and driver safety.

For more information about Zubie’s fleet tracking system, visit this webpage.


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