Zubie App Update- Version 1.4

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Version 1.4 of the Zubie App is here, and it’s faster, sleeker, and smarter. We’ve made numerous tweaks to make the app experience faster and more fun. Screens load faster, animations are sleeker and overall the app is smarter, thanks to all the feedback we’ve received from you.   

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Improved Live Map  What used to be Family Map is now Live Map and the photo strip now allows easy access to cars as well as drivers. Your cars are no longer second-class citizens.  

Group sharing now supports cars as well Create a group for carpooling, or the vehicles in your small business and share vehicle location easily.  

More intelligent and accurate location tracking With recent fixes to iOS7, phone location tracking is now accurate even if the app is shutdown. Smarter logic allows a driver to use multiple devices, e.g. a phone on the road and a tablet at home –  while still maintaining location integrity.

New Summary View We’ve greatly simplified navigation.  Selecting a person or car now shows you all you need to know in one smooth continuous flow – location, trips taken, engine and battery status and of course, the driving stats.  So you can swipe and scroll to your hearts content without navigating to different screens.

Daily Statistics You can review your driving stats on a daily basis across all the trips you’ve taken, regardless of the car you drove.  Watch this space going forward, as we start to introduce more interesting analytics about how your driving compares with others.

More control Need even more privacy or want to conserve phone battery use?  You can turn off phone-based location tracking all together and therefore never needing to use location services on the phone.  And still benefit from all the other great features.

Have any ideas on how to make the Zubie App experience even better? Leave us a comment below or visit our Community Page!

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