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Wait Happy With In-Car WiFi

November 20, 2015

You don’t have to tell us! We already know that Zubie + In-Car WiFi outshines other mobile hotspots.

Check out this cool story from COO, Prag Shah, and his recent In-Car WiFi experience:

“Yesterday, I pulled into a Thai restaurant to pick up dinner for me and the family. I was waiting inside for a few minutes and wanted to check Facebook etc.  To save my phone’s battery I looked for the restaurant’s WiFi. Low and behold…I was still connected with ZUBIE WIFI! While well inside the building, with my car parked and powered off in a lot across the street, and with full 4 bars of WiFi  signal. The best part is that I forgot I even had it since I was driving my wife’s car which has our Zubie + In-Car WiFi Key in it.  Totally blew me away!

At the same time my wife sent me a text message: ‘I see from Zubie you are the restaurant. How much longer?’

The range of In-Car WiFi and the speed of location tracking rocked!”

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