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Fleet Management Case Study: Delivering ROI to SMBS

September 2, 2023

When it comes to small and medium-sized business solutions, every solutions provider BELIEVES they can save either time or money, and Zubie is certainly no different. Finances are always top of mind for small and medium-sized businesses, which is why implementing telematics is important for saving your business time and money. Gaining insight into business operations can reveal where improvements can be made to increase the bottom line. We asked our clients at Alliance Leasing to share their story of successful ROI. Below are some key highlights of the Alliance Leasing case study, or you can download the summary here


The Challenge

Before implementing Zubie’s telematics, Alliance Leasing’s insurance broker identified their highest insurance risk – employees that operate company vehicles. Their broker suggested that, by improving driver behavior, Alliance Leasing could see a significant decrease in insurance premiums. After assessing this issue, Alliance Leasing came to Zubie ready with questions regarding what insights could be obtained from implementing telematics; will the data be able to identify business concerns, and most importantly do the savings outweigh the costs? 


The Implementation

The first step was to execute a 3-month pilot with Alliance Leasing, equipping five vehicles with Zubie Fleet Connect OBDII devices, and giving them full access to the Zubie suite of software. Zubie’s solution was ideal because, using Zubie’s Driver Scorecard, it provided data-driven answers to Alliance Leasing’s questions around who their safest drivers were, and which drivers needed additional training. More importantly, it provided them with a simple solution that did not require increasing staff size. Progress was measured by an internal baseline provided by Zubie. When the pilot was completed, Alliance Leasing received an average Fleet Score for their 5 vehicles. The Fleet Score provides a performance score for all drivers on a scale of 0-100. Alliance Leasing’s score was 74%, not bad, but clearly meaning they had room for improvement. Specifically, the score showed hard braking, idling, rapid accelerations, speeding, and mileage had significant potential to be improved. And each of those actions have corresponding implications on maintenance and insurance costs.


The Results

The final results were game-changing for Alliance Leasing, as you can see in the case study. Zubie Fleet Connect software helped them improve driver behavior, improve business operations, decrease insurance costs, and reduce fleet maintenance costs. Zubie’s “driver score” identified employees with the riskiest behaviors by measuring hard stops and speeding. Educating drivers and encouraging safer driving habits resulted in an estimated 15% reduction in insurance premiums and $1,029 estimated annual per vehicle savings. In addition to this, Zubie’s Fleet Scoring gave Alliance Leasing insight into idle time and mileage revealing where there was room for improvement. By utilizing this tool, they were able to reduce fuel costs and increase efficiency. 


Most importantly, Alliance Leasing confirmed that the savings outweighed the costs, with a 257% estimated ROI based on driver behavior and insurance savings alone. That doesn’t even include what they would be able to save in maintenance cost and efficiency using Zubie Smart Maintenance. Moreover, Zubie’s system was easy to use and the OBD-ll device took under ten minutes to install. 


Alliance Leasing demonstrated just a few of the ways implementing Zubie’s telematics can business operations and provide increased ROI. Zubie makes fleet management simple – simple to install, simple to use, with simple pricing. 

Ready to save time and money with telematics? Reach out to Zubie today for your demo, quote and free trial.

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