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How to Create a Fleet Maintenance Schedule on Autopilot

August 24, 2023


One unexpected maintenance call for a vehicle can throw your business into a tailspin. Suddenly, you’re down one vehicle and you have to figure out how to reach your jobs on time and keep to the schedule. Cancelling appointments means you lose money, and potentially clients. It’s why preventative maintenance is a must for any business who manages a fleet of vehicles.

Scheduling and planning are all key to running an efficient business. But who has time to keep track of when vehicles should get checked by a mechanic? You don’t want to be using up hours of your time monitoring vehicle health. You’re already busy with holding your drivers and staff accountable. That’s why a fleet tracking system can be a useful tool with checking the condition of your vehicles.

Here are some ways a fleet tracking system like Zubie can get your maintenance schedule on autopilot:

Set Up Alerts When Maintenance is Needed

Mechanical issues with vehicles don’t pop up everyday, so it’s hard to keep it top of mind as the year goes on. A fleet tracking system can be set up to alert you when it’s time for service. By using GPS tracking and calculating mileage, fleet monitoring software can let you know when you need to:

What seems like minor items for the car can accumulate to larger issues if you don’t take care of them. Having a system to remind you is beneficial to making sure the work schedule has no hiccups.

Worry Less with On-the-Spot Diagnostics

Despite preventative maintenance, vehicles can still experience breakdowns or other critical issues. Zubie can send you alerts if the engine light comes on. And it can tell you what the code means, i.e. what the issue might be based on engine diagnostics. Having this immediate knowledge can help you adjust your scheduling and workload quickly, and you can get estimates for what the repair might be and how long it might take.

Through a partnership with RepairPal, Zubie offers expanded engine health information, repair estimates, and repair shop recommendations based on local data.

Get Better Accounting of Fleet Health

With regular reports on your fleet’s health, you can get a comprehensive look at what needs fixing in the immediate future, what will need repairs later on, and which vehicles are performing well. This helps with business planning and budgeting. Reducing surprises helps keep you from being reactive. Instead, you can be proactive. And by improving communication between your drivers, you can easily make sure each vehicle stays in good shape and gets fixed in a timely manner.

Will Fleet Tracking Work For You?

Zubie plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostics port – no professional help or tools needed. Basically, the device plugs into a car, van, or truck like a memory stick. and tracks vehicle location, vehicle health and driver safety. Zubie works with cars, trucks, and vans made after 1996. 

For more information about Zubie’s fleet tracking system, a demo and information on a free trial visit this webpage.


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