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5 Proven Ways to Reduce Fleet Expenses

December 6, 2023


5 Proven Ways To Reduce Fleet Expenses

As a fleet business manager or owner, your fleet vehicles are the lifeblood of your business. They are used to deliver goods, transport employees and products, and often advertise your brand to everyone they pass. It’s easy to overspend on vehicle costs like fuel, maintenance, and security; which makes reducing your fleet expenses vital. Out-of-control costs can threaten profits and the long-term business growth of your fleet. If your fleet expenses are a little bloated, these five strategies will help you reduce the strain on your bottom line.


A survey of fleet managers found that 52% of respondents spent between $1000 and $3000 per vehicle on annual light truck maintenance. Controlling these costs could significantly reduce your overal fleet expenses.

Preventive maintenance saves you from unexpected and expensive emergency repairs and disappointed clients. Well-maintained equipment also uses less fuel, increases the lifespan of your vehicles, and decreases downtime. Zubie can monitor your  vehicle’s engine conditions, alerting you to little problems before they become big ones. You can also electronically store maintenance records, and set the reminders above for periodic services.

Now if your vehicle does run into engine issues, Zubie already contains over 100 diagnostic codes; so it will be able to alert you immediately to what your vehicle’s issue is. No guessing or waiting for the mechanic to tell you, you’ll already know!

Employee Responsibility

Employees that use your fleet vehicles to carry out their work duties are a critical factor in reducing fleet costs.

Teach these techniques to new hires, and remind veteran drivers periodically with short training sessions.


Your fleet vehicles may likely be your biggest business investment. Keep them safe from theft, vandalism, and the forces of nature to avoid expensive replacements.

Installing GPS-based fleet management software in your vehicles makes them easier to locate in cases of theft. Insurance companies usually offer steep discounts to managers that use them.

With the help of some good planning, simple technology, and basic budgeting, your fleet will be well-maintained and protected without forcing you to overspend.

Zubie prides itself on simplicity, ease of use, and contract free agreements.

Find out how Zubie can accelerate your cost savings today!


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