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How Do You Maintain Your Fleet Business Vehicles?

May 22, 2023




When it comes to managing a fleet business, there are a number of items to track and be concerned about; and these items are only concerning your vehicles and not the relationships you need to be cementing with your clients.

The 10,000 foot overview

With Zubie, you’ll feel like a giant, feeling 1000 feet tall with a 10,000 ft overview of your entire fleet operating business. You’ll be able to optimize your fleet  to run as efficiently as possible, at the best price points for your business. You won’t have to waste time tracking everything individually or trying to figure out various excels on the data or even trying to understand what numbers to look at. Zubie makes it all easy and clear for you with it’s simple interface, and can be done on your laptop or even your mobile device depending on whatever your business needs are.

Now, while any fleet business owner knows that ultimately it is their people that matters the most; their second concern is always the health of their vehicles and how optimal they are running.

Now when it comes to the health of your vehicles, there are a number of metrics that Zubie can track when it comes to how they are be driven by your drivers. These stats include the likes of:

Now, these stats aren’t just going to look at whether you’re drivers are just simply hard braking or speeding once or twice. No one wants to be bothered if hard braking just once, and no one wants to get a ticket for speeding just because they went a few miles over the speed limit. We all have places to go and things to do, and none of us always stay at or under the speed limit. What Zubie does monitor is egregious behaviors so you can give this back to your drivers to improve their performance. Also more, it will ensure your drivers are taking optimal care of your vehicles so you don’t have to perform run of the mill maintenance that you weren’t expecting.

Now…that’s great about helping my drivers….but how doe Zubie help with optimizing my vehicle’smaintenance concerning the vehicles in my fleet?

Now, first of all, Zubie can be set with reminders to remind you of when your vehicles need to go under maintenance. While cliche, it’s still very true when it’s as simple as ‘set it and forget it.’ Here are a few of the activities that you can set Zubie reminders for:

You can track by date when these need to be confirmed, and also match with your odometer as well. This is also without even mentioning Zubie’s partnership with Fleetio, which can further track service tasks, vehicle inspections and maintenance costs.

The Real Vehicle Maintenance That Matters Most with Zubie : Diagnostics!

However, while these practices are preventative in maintenance, what really can make a difference when it comes to managing your fleet vehicles and optimizing your vehicle maintenance standards is the diagnostic capability of Zubie. Now should any of your vehicle’s be in need of a diagnostic check or if your car’s computer deems there may be an issue, Zubie will even send you the code for the issue your car is having. There is no need to wait for a call from your driver,  asking you to come help them out first thing on a Saturday morning when their car broke down on the way to help a client. He also won’t need you to make the client aware of what has happened and that they’ll be late. Zubie will have already have informed your customer that their arrival time will be later than planned (it happens to the best of us sometimes), and it will already know what the heck is going on with your car.

By time you’ve even taken a single step, it will have alerted your driver. This is even without mentioning, Zubie is also integrated with repair pal, which will give you a further list of recommended mechanics that can even fix your car for you.  Take note though, this list of vehicles codes Zubie has (for a car’s various maintenance issues) isn’t short and won’t give you a blank diagnosis when it realizes something might be wrong with your vehicles. There are over 100 diagnostic codes in the system to clarify your issue for you.

Stop wasting your time wondering what’s going on with your vehicles and how to maintain them well, and tackle any maintenance issues that could be arising. Stop wondering if they need to be checked and if they’re running right or not and taking shots in the dark.

Contact Zubie today to find out how well we can keep your vehicles maintained.

At Zubie, we pride ourselves on the simplicity of use, a great low cost and contract free agreements so you can pay as you go.

Come find out what we can do for your fleet business today.




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