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Vehicle Tracking for Smart Business

April 9, 2014

We are happy to announce Zubie Business, a new service that makes managing drivers & vehicles easier for small business owners.

zubie business portal

 Since the Zubie consumer launch last year, we’ve received an impressive level of interest from small companies wanting to use Zubie. From landscapers, shuttle companies, maid services- you asked, and we listened!

There are many great fleet management systems out there- designed for larger fleets, full of bells & whistles, and a price tag to match. For a business with less than 20 vehicles, these solutions can be complex and just too expensive to justify.

This is where Zubie Business comes in:

Whether you are in the office or on the road, our web portal, iphone and Android apps make it simple to locate your vehicles. You can’t be everywhere at once, but this comes close!

Here are some highlights:

gps tracking


Real-Time GPS Tracking: View a live map of all your vehicles and drivers, and get alerts when vehicles arrive or depart from important locations

driver performance


Driver Performance:Â Reports including metrics that matter- driver behavior summaries, trip reporting, leaderboards and more- to get your entire team engaged in improvement

vehicle health

 Vehicle Health: Be alerted to vehicle problems in real-time and save money on gas and repairs by maintaining optimal vehicle performance!

Insights & Analytics:
Multiple levels of reporting provide a business-level overview, let drivers compare scores and compete, enable weekly performance coaching and make expense and tax reporting easy.

For all small businesses with vehicles and drivers…our car door is open! Hop in for the ride, and let us help your business drive safer, smarter and easier.

Visit our website at for more information!

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