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Zubie Team Spolight: How I Zubie by Logan

March 27, 2014

loganI’m a guy who appreciates simple things: a perfect espresso with delicious crema, new words from my 2 year old and when technology makes my life easier. I’m the guy who would spend an inordinate amount of time upfront crafting an overly complex array formula in spreadsheet software of choice to save me three steps the next time I’m using it. I appreciate autonomy for the mundane events in my life. Fortunately, Zubie offers the joys of rule-based automation without the fuss of spending hours in a spreadsheet to retrieve a single value for that TPS report.

My wife and I share a vehicle, so while Zubie can’t (yet) coordinate my travel schedule ahead of time with my better half, but it can alert me to the status of my ride. Since my wife usually has the car for the day, I’ve learned to really appreciate the place notifications (among other great features such as vehicle health and trip metrics) for our situation. To save her the headache of waiting in the car with a screaming child, built-up anxiety of not seeing me for the day. I’ve setup place notifications when the vehicle is within .3 mi of my office. This usually gives me enough time to pack up and head outside and meet her to prevent said anxiety. On the contrary, if I have the car for the day, she is notified when I leave work.

So, while I could accomplish a similar notification system with hours and hours of making the perfect recipe on my phone, Zubie offers this feature out of the box (or out of the app?). Zubie takes a load off so I can spend more time enjoying that perfect espresso.


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