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How to Use Driver Scorecard to Improve Safety and Save Money

October 13, 2022

Without accountability, your drivers may not understand how their driving habits impact your business. Driver scorecards give fleet managers the safety and efficiency information they need to help optimize their business, improve driver performance and cut costs. Your fleet-based business depends on excellent driver performance. Fleet management software with driver tracking can not only increase driver productivity and accountability, but also your bottom line.

The metrics on driver scorecards give your fleet managers perspective on how drivers treat their vehicles and how they’re using their time. By monitoring these data points, you can evaluate how drivers are performing in the field and at their job sites. Use scorecards as training tools to help you identify opportunities and areas to reduce risk. Let’s look at how driver performance tracking works in Zubie’s platform and how you can best use it to improve safety and operations in your fleet. 

A fleet driver reviews their performance on driver tracking software with their supervisor.

What’s on a Driver Scorecard?

Assign driver scorecards to track driving performance in specific vehicles or by specific individuals. Your scorecards provide you with weekly and monthly reports that allow you to track and compare driver data. What data? Here’s what’s included on a Zubie driver scorecard:

Total Score

The first metric you’ll notice is a composite driver score. This number is based on several sub scores:

By combining these scores, you get a base snapshot of overall driver behavior.  It will allow you to quickly see if performance has improved or declined over a time period. From there, you can dig into more specific data.


The statistics that Zubie’s driver telematics measures on your scorecard include:

Use this valuable data to track driver accountability and identify areas where you can shorten routes, reduce drive time and save vehicle wear.

Safety Metrics

Zubie’s driver tracking system identifies and alerts you about several safety related behaviors. These are all reported on your scorecard:

By tracking these events, you can closely monitor safety in your vehicles and coach your drivers on better driving behaviors.  

Efficiency Metrics

Improve vehicle efficiency with valuable metrics that include:

This data can help your fleet managers identify areas of waste and allow them to cut costs and improve fuel efficiency. 


Install a leaderboard on your scorecard to compare scores between vehicles and drivers. This creates friendly rivalry and encourages improved driver performance.

How to Improve Driver Performance in Your Fleet

Now that you know the rich variety of vehicle activity data you have available, how do you translate that information to improve driver performance?  We have three tips for how to get the most out of driver behavior monitoring with your staff.

Be Transparent with Your Behavior Tracking System

Start by explaining that your company is using your fleet management system to monitor vehicle health, location or route optimization and driver performance. Demonstrate what metrics you’re looking at and why you’re paying attention to them. 

Drivers will understand your actions if you show them how their performance impacts the business. It can also demonstrate the trust you have in them by giving them ownership in business results. Show them how good driving impacts vehicle health and lowers costs. Drivers that know they are being monitored are more likely to follow rules and invest in their work. Reward for positive behavior is much less costly than the alternative.

Gamify and Incentivize your Driver App

Competition and incentives are good motivators. Our Leaderboard and Dashboard features were designed with this purpose in mind. It’s easy to give your drivers access to their driver data via the Zubie app. Competition may mean being first on the leaderboard or simply improving over the previous week’s score. Drivers can shoot for personal bests and identify areas where they need to improve.

Offering weekly or monthly incentives give your employees added motivation to behave in a way that benefits the business. An extra vacation day, a Starbucks gift card, a trophy – whatever the reward, make sure the drivers feel valued.

You can also divide drivers into teams, and reward whichever team performs the best. Using teams can be beneficial, because your drivers can hold each other accountable for their success and failure. It takes the burden off of you in some cases, and creates a more organic performance improvement.

Driver Tracking Software is a Good Coach

Everyone can benefit from a little one-on-one driver coaching time. Use the driver scorecard as the basis for that conversation. Using the scorecard as an evaluation tool shows drivers that measurement matters and that they have ways to document their improvement. By holding them accountable and discussing how you’d like to see improvements (if needed), you give your drivers more reason to exemplify good driving behavior. 

Your driver scorecard gives you a great opportunity to praise people in public, and coach them in private.

How Driver Tracking can Improve Efficiency and Cut Costs

Not only can you create a culture of safer, happier drivers, you can also use driver tracking software to improve your bottom line. Here’s where to start:

Driver Efficiency

Shorter routes, less idling and lower fuel consumption all add up to increased savings. By analyzing weekly and monthly data, you can tweak routes, lower drive times and reduce the wear on your vehicles. On a weekly basis, small changes may not feel like a lot but your long-term savings will be significant. 

Reduced Overhead

Being able to demonstrate good driving behavior could significantly impact your insurance rates. By coaching your drivers in best practices and reducing risks on the road, you may also reduce the price you pay to keep your vehicles insured. Be sure to check with your carrier on any potential incentives.

Increased Trust

Safety and responsibility are crucial to how people view your business. Your reputation as a safe and reliable business means increased sales, more referrals and more revenue. Building your image from the ground up can have a big impact on your future marketability. With a driver tracking system, everyone becomes accountable for your image. 

Create an Information Vault

Once you have your data, you can use it in hundreds of ways. With Zubie’s vast array of telematics reporting, you begin to compile a comprehensive record of your operations that you can refer back to anytime. Collect, store and analyze metrics from last week or last year. You can’t see where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.

Visual Cues

The adoption of video takes all of this mentioned here and amplifies it even more with visual alerts.  Be sure to visit for articles on how Dashcams are the future.

Start Tracking with Zubie Today

Contact Zubie today to learn more about driver tracking, telematics software and the endless ways you can bolster your business using rich vehicle fleet data. We make it easy to start and economical to expand. Our expert support staff is always on hand to help.


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