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How Zubie Asset Trak Helps Farmers Protect Their Equipment

December 9, 2020

When it comes to agriculture, efficient equipment and vehicles are essential to running a profitable business. At any given time, workers are running equipment and vehicles across acres of land. From a fleet management standpoint, it can be difficult to have insight into what is happening with all the assets and always knowing where they are located. A simple solution to streamline this process is to Zubie Asset Trak.  Zubie Asset Trak is a non-OBD-ll, rechargeable battery-powered device that can track all your equipment on a simple-to-manage platform.


Protect and Recover Farm Equipment and Assets

Whether it’s plows, tractors, UTVs, loaders, or combines, Asset Trak is your solution. Zubie Asset Trak is simple to install, simple to hide, and simple to move. Working on a 4G LTE network, Asset Trak protects your assets using motion detection, tamper detection, and geofencing. Once the device is mounted on your equipment, you will be able to know exactly where it is at all times as it moves across your property or across town.

If an asset has been lost or stolen, Zubie Location Link gives you the ability to share its last known location with any third party such as the police or a towing service, which helps you recover the lost or stolen assets in a timely manner. Staying on top of the status of your assets saves you time and money but is virtually impossible without GPS tracking. Zubie Asset Trak the simple solution for protecting your highly valuable farming equipment and vehicles.


Monitor Usage and Increase Productivity

With farming equipment that could be transported to multiple locations across many acres on a daily basis, it’s important to know precisely where your equipment is and how long it’s been there. This is possible using customizable geofencing and trip detection. Geofencing allows you to set boundaries for places that assets should or shouldn’t be, and alerts you if the asset breaks those boundaries. Specifically for farming, some of the key ways to utilize geofencing include:

Monitoring equipment operator’s habits and locations has the potential to identify inefficiencies and find ways to ensure higher productivity. The data for your assets is easy to monitor alongside your vehicles on Zubie’s simple-to-use web interface and reports the movable asset’s location at least once a day — customizable to your preference.


Simple to Install, Simple to Recharge

Just as it’s easy to use, Zubie Asset Trak has a rapid and covert installation process. The magnetic hardware mounting plate makes installation simple for even the most non-technical installer. External installation is no problem as the device is waterproof, so you can place the device anywhere on the equipment and you don’t have to worry about extreme weather damaging it. To start tracking important assets, all that’s required is to “slap and track”.

Another great feature of Zubie Asset Trak is battery life. It’s self-powered and comes with a wireless charger – just drop it and go! The battery lasts up to a year on a single charge, and the battery is ready to be recharged, you will receive a low battery alert. The device is fully charged within 4 hours — it’s as easy as charging your iPhone. These benefits eliminate the stress of frequent charging and make it a great way to protect your most important equipment.

Explore Asset Trak here to learn how Zubie can benefit your agriculture and farming business. 


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