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What’s the Feedback on Zubie Asset Trak? An Update on Asset Tracking with Zubie’s Head of Product

October 28, 2020

Zubie Asset Trak, our newest product that protects your most valuable equipment, launched a little over a month ago, and we’re already getting great feedback from customers. Zubie Asset Trak is designed for businesses, especially those in the construction, landscaping, farming, and transportation industries, who need to track expensive equipment that lacks an OBD II port. Whether you need to locate a stolen piece of equipment, access reports about usage, or set up geofencing, Asset Trak is the simple solution to protecting, locating and recovering your equipment.


We sat down with our Director of Product, Dave Holsinger, to share feedback on how Asset Trak has been received, and what the future plans of Asset Trak entail.


What has been customer feedback so far? 

One consistent message from customers has been the delight about the long battery life of the device. More specifically, they have been impressed that we can custom tailor the frequency the device is sending data to their specific needs, which allows them to balance the frequency of data with the life of the battery, depending on which is more important to them.


Here are two great examples customers shared with us about the battery life. One business owner was transporting equipment across the country and needed frequent updates but had a concern that the battery was going to drain too fast. Another customer just needed a couple pings every day to make sure the equipment was still where it was supposed to be, and wanted battery life for as long as possible.


With Zubie Asset Trak, we have the flexibility to configure ping frequency and battery duration, allowing the device to fit the customer’s specific use case. Zubie has been able to support both of these polarized needs. The transportation company shared that the device arrived with plenty of life, and they were able to quickly recharge and redeploy that device. The equipment tracking customer has reported that the battery has barely lost any change.


Which Asset Trak feature have customers been enjoying the most? 

Overwhelmingly, our customers’ favorite feature is how simple Asset Trak is to use. The steps are as simple as turning it on, sticking it somewhere, and forgetting about it. Sometimes, you think you’re getting something simple, but what’s “simple” to the seller isn’t always simple to the buyer. Ikea thinks their furniture is simple to put together — have you ever tried assembling something from Ikea? Our customers have been delighted that everything ACTUALLY is as simple as we describe it.


How is Asset Trak providing value to customers? 

Two distinct value propositions have emerged. Our newest customers, who may only be tracking equipment, needed to be able to keep an eye on assets that don’t have an OBDII port, and Asset Trak fills that need. They like the portability of the tracker — they can deploy it on assets temporarily without much hassle, and easily redeploy it.


For our EXISTING customers, the value proposition is slightly different. They are enthusiastic that Zubie has expanded our offering, allowing them to track their non-vehicle assets AND their vehicles in the same place. They don’t need to add software or create a new dashboard. And the equipment with Asset Trak behaves the same way their vehicles do in the web application, so it’s transparent to them.


Can you share an example of customer success with Asset Trak? 

We have a customer who has smaller vehicles, like skid steers and forklifts. They’ve been able to move those around on uneven, rough terrain and have not had any issues at all – no issues with the trackers falling off, which was a concern for them. That same customer commented that it was much easier to share the location of one of Zubie’s devices than it was with competitors, which was a pleasant surprise for them.


What is the future of Asset Trak? 

Zubie is always focused on providing a simple solution to fleet management and Asset Trak is no exception. At Zubie, we’re constantly thinking about how the customer can manage many assets efficiently and effectively. We are working on giving our customers more flexibility into managing their devices and finding ways to make the setup and provisioning of web applications very simple, so our customers spend time implementing solutions that impact their bottom line.


One thing we’re working on specifically is the experience for customers that have a lot of devices. We’re identifying ways to make it easier for them to manage – groups and tags is likely to be part of this solution.


We’ve had a very positive response from our initial wave of customers. They’re satisfied with the durability of the device and the battery performance. And they’re pleased with the simplicity – of installation and usage. The fact that it’s integrated with the rest of their Zubie data is a plus. And we’ll keep working to ensure our solution delivers on our “simple” promise.


Explore Asset Trak here and start protecting your valuable assets today. 


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