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Alliance Leasing

Operations Team

When Alliance Leasing approached Zubie about implementing telematics, their insurance agent had just delivered them news about their highest insurance risk.

car dealership showroom as seen from balcony above
car dealership showroom as seen from balcony above

In A Nutshell


The Problem

High operating costs and insurance premiums.


The Solution

Created telematics baselines using Fleet Connect to identify risky driving behavior.


The Results

Increase in driver safety and a decrease in insurance premiums.

Alliance's Story

Decreasing Costs & Insurance Premiums

When Alliance Leasing approached Zubie about implementing telematics, they had recently met with their insurance agent, who had revealed a surprise – their highest insurance risk was employees operating company vehicles. Their agent told them if they could demonstrate an improvement in driver behavior, they could save between 10 – 15% on their overall insurance premiums.

Alliance had previously thought about implementing telematics, however, they were skeptical about sourcing a solution that would be simple to implement, manage, and generate a positive return.

Alliance came to Zubie with 4 key data-driven questions:

  • Identify: Can Zubie’s reporting help us identify business shortcomings?
  • Apply: Can Alliance use those insights to improve operations and reduce insurance cost?
  • ROI: If Zubie can improve safety and reduce costs, do the savings outweigh the costs?
  • Headcount: Can Alliance implement and manage Zubie without increasing staff size?
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Improvements in Driver Behaviors Saved Thousands

Using Zubie’s Driver Scorecard, Alliance was able to measure speeding and hard braking events, identifying their riskiest drivers. Using that data and scorecard reporting, they trained their most problematic drivers, reducing high-risk behaviors. As a result, they were able to demonstrate improvement to their insurance carrier resulting in a reduction in their annual premium.

Zubie’s simple to install, simple to use, fleet management software allowed the existing staff to easily identify problems and implement improvements without adding to their existing staff. In most cases the device took less than 5 minutes to install.

Seamless Fleet Management


Implementing Zubie’s Rental Connect solution took minutes and saved thousands.

Alliance Leasing Team Operations

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