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Cannabis Companies: 5 Questions to Ask Before Committing to Telematics Solutions

June 4, 2020

Are you a cannabis company looking to stay compliant and reap the benefits of tracking your vehicles? You’re not alone in considering modern GPS tracking to keep your vehicles safe. After all, there’s a reason the GPS tracking device market is expected to be worth over $2.5 billion by the year 2023.

Having a GPS tracking solution to to protect your vehicles is critical (and required by law in some states), but getting the right solution to fit your cannabis-based business is equally so. Continue reading to learn the critical questions you should ask and what to look for in a potential solution.

Is it a 4G solution?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution, many companies will offer a “track and trace” solution — basically a unit that sends a GPS signal, but doesn’t give you any analytics. While this may serve your needs, be careful.

Many companies will offer you a 3G solution. The problem with that is, many 3G networks are scheduled to sunset in 2020 or 2021. So, you may be solving a short-term problem, but you may be solving the same problem again a year from now. Make sure your solution is 4G compatible.

Is it Easy to Install and Use?

If you have more than a few vehicles, ease of installation and removal can be a major sticking point, especially if your drivers are constantly changing. Look for plug and play solutions that allow simple installation and simple removal by a non-technical person. The more painful the install, the more likely you are to waste money, not to mention time.

Also, thanks to the modern Digital Era, we’re all now more connected than ever before. It seems as though everyone is glued to their smartphones on a consistent basis. For that reason, we’re used to working with applications and software systems that are easy to use.

When you’re ready to invest in modern GPS tracking technology for your cannabis commercial vehicles, this is essential. There’s no reason to spend all of that time and energy on a tracking system that doesn’t make it easy for you to use.

How Accessible is Customer Support?

The unfortunate truth is that no technological device is perfect. It might break down, need repairs, or simply need updating. You don’t want a cable TV-like experience for supporting your business.

That’s why it’s so crucial you check the client support before you hire a GPS tracking service. You don’t want to have to troubleshoot and maintain this technology on your own. Your GPS tracking technology provider should be readily available any time you need maintenance or repairs on that technology. You might not need 24/7 support, but you want a phone number, and email, and chat services available.

Does it Integrate with My Current Systems?

If you want to integrate your potential GPS tracking system with your current business technology, you’re in luck. The best tracking systems should offer you both pre-built integrations and customizable options.

For instance, you might need a third party application to track mileage and expenses for your commercial drivers. With modern GPS tracking systems like Zubie, this isn’t a problem at all.

Perhaps you even need a more unique integration solution. Talk with our GPS tracking solution experts today to get started on that process. No matter what your cannabis business’s unique needs are, GPS tracking will only benefit you in the long run.

Does it have Maintenance Features?

Modern GPS tracking software accomplished more than a real-time position location. You can also rely on these modern software systems to keep your vehicles up and running as well as ever.

In particular, GPS tracking can be integrated into your vehicle’s operational condition at all times. Ever wonder why the check engine light came on?  Good GPS tracking systems will display the actual DCT codes and potential problems to allow you as the owner to make smart repair decisions, taking advantage of the available maintenance reminders for your vehicle.

In fact, smart technology for maintenance could be a particular benefit to your fleet of commercial vehicles. You don’t want to run the risk of having your vehicle break down during delivery due to negligence.

Instead, make sure you keep your commercial fleet in its best condition at all times. This is the best way to boost profits and keep your vehicle repair expenses at a minimum.

You Deserve the Peace of Mind That Comes with More Secure Company Vehicles

Perhaps the most important benefit of GPS tracking is that of your peace of mind. It can be anxiety-inducing to spend a ton of money on commercial vehicles for your cannabis company. The idea of having to replace or repair those vehicles can be daunting, too.

That’s why proper GPS tracking can bring you such peace of mind. Without having to worry about the loss or damage of your financial assets, your mind is free to focus on other things.

That way, you can prioritize other things that come with running your own cannabis business. After all, you know that your work is cut out for you if you want to make this business model profitable long-term.

It’s no secret that you likely have local market competition for your cannabis company. Medical and recreational marijuana stores generated $14 billion in 2019 alone.

In other words, don’t let the potential loss of financial assets like your company vehicles be an issue. Instead, invest in today’s latest and greatest GPS tracking technology.

Ready to get your business setup? Reach out to Zubie today for your demo, quote and free trial.

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