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Zubie Shuttle Connect

A Hotel Shuttle Tracker Designed for Your Customers

Zubie Shuttle Connect is a simple and intuitive telematics vehicle tracking system that allows your customers to know when the next shuttle will arrive. Elevate your service and give your guests peace of mind with a simple app that shows them the exact location of your shuttle bus at all times. You’ll never have to radio your drivers or keep your guests guessing.

How Shuttle Connect Works

For shuttle owners, it only takes a few minutes to install Zubie’s Dashcam device in your vehicles. Once installed, the front and rear facing camera provides a continuous snapshot of activity and conditions inside and outside your shuttle. Hold drivers and guests accountable, monitor current road conditions and manage operational risks. Insurance companies love the real time video document that dashcams create, should an event occur. 

For your guests, Zubie’s shuttle GPS tracks your shuttle’s location in real time. Your customers can simply download the tracking app from the IOS or android store, scan the QR code at any stop and see a detailed map with the shuttle’s current location. Owners can even add a map monitor in your lobby for visitors and guests to easily check the shuttle’s location status any time.  Zubie’s shuttle bus tracking system makes it easy for your customers to plan their departure and eases the burden on your staff.

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Shuttle Connect Applications

Whether you’re running a continuous airport loop, shuttling customers to events or picking them up from a dining / shopping experience, Zubie Shuttle Connect gives your guests an easy way to track their shuttle and plan for its arrival.

Zubie Shuttle Connect is an intuitive and invaluable application for:

  • Hotel shuttles
  • Airport parking
  • Assisted living
  • Car rental lots

Even if you operate a single shuttle, our shuttle telematics system can elevate your service. Give your customers a better experience at every step.


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