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How Vehicle Dealerships Can Take Advantage of Telematics

March 16, 2023

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There’s no question: Times are tougher than ever for car dealerships. After all, you have a wide array of concerns to manage, including supply chain issueslabor shortages, and rising costs. This challenging environment means you must ring every ounce of efficiency out of your existing equipment, provide world-class customer service to differentiate yourself from the competition, and ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep expenses to a minimum.

One of the ways dealerships can reduce their costs and enhance their customer service is by using telematics equipment. Telematics can help car dealerships track inventory and provide better customer value.

What Is Telematics?

Telematics refers to the equipment you or your dealership can install in a vehicle. Data from that vehicle can be broadcast wirelessly to another source, enabling a centralized location to monitor the data. The potential usefulness of this data is virtually unlimited. At its most basic, telematic data can track a car’s location, ensuring that a central point — like a dealer — always knows where that car is. However, telematics can provide much more advanced features, including:

The types of services your business ultimately uses depend on your fleet. Various firms provide telematics services, but only some — such as Zubie — provide an array of customized solutions that you can alter to fit your needs.

You can use telematics for many purposes, including business fleets and rental fleets. These functions can be highly powerful, enabling your business to track a large fleet. In addition, you can purchase a telematics package that fits your needs. As such, you can alter your telematics functions to ensure that you only pay for services that apply to your dealership.

How Can Telematics Help My Dealership?

Many car dealerships have found extensive value in using telematics services. At this point, most modern and full-service dealerships operate a rental or loaner program, enabling customers to temporarily use a car while their vehicle is in the shop. This reality — combined with the near-constant flow of test vehicles that customers drive — places a heavy onus on car dealerships to monitor how their rental vehicles or courtesy vehicles are being used. Regular monitoring ensures that cars are in good shape, that your financial assets are being protected, and that your customers are happy.

As such, telematics can help your car dealership in many ways, including:

Can Telematics Save My Dealership Money?

Telematics can save your dealership extensively. Major cost-savings are often tied to preventable problems.

Consider these scenarios:

In all these scenarios, the use of telematics either stopped a problem before it became too severe or ensured the overall safety and health of the driver and the vehicle. As such, telematics proved to be an ideal investment: A little bit of upfront spending resulted in major savings later down the line.

No doubt, telematics can differentiate your dealership from the competition. Looking for more information? Read our white paper on how to improve your revenue, or contact us today for a quote on how our state-of-the-art telematics service can help your dealership.

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