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Zubie Team Spotlight: How I Zubie by Lauren

February 10, 2014


As Social Media Manager, I post about all of the different things you can do with Zubie- from place alerts, monitoring your teen drivers, creating groups, driving scores and much more. But do I really use all of the features in my daily driving? No! There are only a handful of reasons I use my Zubie device, and I would love to share them with you.

Eliminating a few texts

Receiving an alert when my husband leaves work has eliminated the need for “When are you coming home?” text messages and vice versa when I leave the office (he receives the same alert for me.) I know this type of tracking isn’t for everyone, but we both find it useful and appreciate Zubie serving as our own personal assistant. It also reminds me to stop watching Netflix and clean up the house because I know he is on the way home!

Where’s my car?

Almost every time I drive to downtown Charleston, I am so nervous about parking my car in the wrong area and getting towed. I feel a lot better knowing the Zubie Key updates my vehicle’s location even when it is turned off. Same goes for parking in an airport lot- I can check on my car’s whereabouts when I am miles away from home, which is great. Now if only Zubie could only let me know when I am getting a parking ticket…

Keeping my car healthy!

Since I drive an older car (2003 Toyota Corolla), I really appreciate knowing if everything is running smoothly. I don’t always understand what the mechanic tells me is going on, but knowing I have basic engine reports right on my smartphone makes me feel empowered. I take my car to the best repair shop in town and they think it’s great I have a device like this in my car. While Zubie doesn’t replace my need for a mechanic, it relieves a lot of stress that comes with figuring out the dreaded check engine light.

Unexpected benefits

Recently, someone stole something from my car while I was running an errand. I was trying to remember what time I had arrived at a store and left for home, when I realized looking at my trips in the Zubie App would tell me the exact times. I was able to tell the police and store owners there was only a six-minute window when it could have occurred, and sure enough, they were able to catch the thief on the security cameras! No luck on my stolen items, but having accurate trip reporting was very valuable and a benefit I was unaware of until now.

It will be interesting to see how I use Zubie in the future and what I find as valuable within the app. Our product team is working on some cool new capabilities I can’t wait to use- such as a web version of the app, exporting my driving data to a spreadsheet, and more! I actually like to view the app on my iPad to see everything on a bigger screen (you can download the iPhone version to your tablet and it works great.) While I don’t use the Zubie app every single day, I can’t imagine living without a Zubie Key now that I’ve had one for over six months. It makes my older car feel newer, smarter, and more awesome 🙂

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