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Zubie Dashcam Improves Efficiency and Safety of Mobile Security Operations

December 8, 2021

Mobile Security service providers are tasked with the oversight and protection of high-value assets and locations. They must be able to rely on highly trained personnel and designated vehicles to safely and responsibly do their job well .  In return, mobile security guards need a safe work environment and reliable transportation in order to maintain a service level of excellence. Zubie’s telematic solutions and Zubie Dashcam benefits all stakeholders – and ensures patrol guards are in their designated location, diligently on task, and most importantly safe. 

Real-time Fleet Tracking

Zubie Dashcam’s real-time fleet tracking gives mobile security providers visibility into every active patrol route. With world class telematics, providers can access detailed trip reports, live mapping, and receive geofence alerts to monitor when employees are coming and going from their assigned routes.  Real-time fleet tracking can help improve patrol route efficiency, and tighten up your mobile security operations overall.

Improved Safety and Driver Accountability 

Zubie Dashcam improves driver and vehicle safety by using high-risk behavior alerts and comprehensive reporting. These reports add an effective layer in your ability to monitor your drivers and vehicles, and increase employee accountability. The reports can also be an informative tool to educate employees on risky driving behaviors, work habits, and the impact they can have. Though employees are trained to navigate potentially risky situations, safety should always remain a top priority. Mark Novak, Zubie’s Chief Revenue Officer states, “In the event that a security incident occurs, Zubie Dashcam provides valuable, concrete evidence of what happened”. 

Dual HD Cameras Enhances Operational Visibility

The two camera, HD video system tracks both the road and vehicle cabin activity to improve patrol safety, keep a visual record of vehicle contents, and act as a second set of eyes for  operations.  With employees often patrolling through the night, it can be tempting to zone out when it seems like nothing is going on. Zubie Dashcam’s live video tracking and streaming capabilities are an encouraging tool for guards to stay vigilant and on task.

Client Satisfaction

Any type of critical or security incident will be uploaded directly to the cloud.  Additional footage of general vehicle activity is stored on a HD card and can be kept for records. This can be useful for current clients as they can use the geofence report to confirm patrol hours, and view recorded footage for proof of activity. This data and video can also be used as a marketing tool to appeal to potential clients. They can have tangible evidence of how Zubie Dashcam can impact and improve their company’s operations. 

Improve Your Mobile Security Operation

The benefits that Zubie Dashcam offers for mobile security providers are hard to ignore. Mobile security providers can install Dashcam to their patrol vehicles in no time at all, and almost immediately improve their operations and safety.  Connect with Zubie today to speak with an expert. 

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