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Zubie Teams Up with WRANGLED to Assist Trade Professionals in Business Optimization

April 13, 2022

Businesses in the trade industry have a unique relationship with technology. Those such as construction, plumbing, carpentry, and masonry require the expertise of very skilled workers rather than relying on the use of computer technology. However, while technology isn’t needed to master a trade, or fine tune skills, it can be just as important of a tool as a wrench or concrete mixer. The key is to strike a balance between both worlds. 

Zubie’s recent partnership with WRANGLD, empowers trade businesses to embrace new technology without having to sacrifice skill or mastery. WRANGLD customers now have access to a wealth of new benefits and Zubie tools to add to their existing arsenal. Zubie’s products including Dashcam, Asset Trak and OBD-II devices provide tangible solutions for WRANGLD customers that simplify day to day operations and ultimately improve their bottom line – all from one easy to operate platform.

Benefits for WRANGLD Customers

Zubie tools give WRANGLD customers the capacity to improve operational efficiency plus track and locate high-valued assets.

Keeping Technology WRANGLD

The trade industry remains in extremely high demand. Consumers will continue to need electric work done, concrete poured, and structures built. While none of these jobs need advanced computer technology to be completed, it is hard to ignore that technology exists to make these jobs easier. This partnership between Zubie and WRANGLD is proof of this.

Zubie’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Novak, explains the value of this partnership in greater detail, “Zubie devices now provide trade professionals with the visibility and precise metrics needed to track valuable assets and improve operational efficiency. Under the umbrella of one app they can manage every aspect of their jobs and know exactly how and where their important assets are being used.”

Ultimately, the partnership between Zubie and WRANGLD allows customers to master their trades and eliminate the need to have multiple apps in order to be successful. Trade professionals have the space to focus on doing what they know best to provide customers with their expertise while WRANGLD keeps the technology side of it, you guessed it… WRANGLD.

Contact a Zubie expert today if you are looking to simplify your operations, and want to learn more about this amplifying trade business partnership with WRANGLD.

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