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The Keys to Fleet Management Driver Safety (and how Zubie will help you)

May 11, 2023


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By now, you may already know about some of the capabilities Zubie has with it’s fleet tracking system. Whether it’s the real time implications, the greater view of your fleet business operations, or the increased communication between you and your drivers; there is no doubt that your drivers and what they are capable of is your most important asset as a fleet manager and business owner. These are the top keys to fleet management driver safety, and how Zubie helps you with each.

Prevention of egregious errors in driving

It’s never hard to understand that the majority of accidents tend to be due to human error whether it’s going too fast, distracted driving or being caught up in other life stressors instead of paying attetion the road. While we’re not exactly traveling around in flying cars nor are all our cars  fully automated (not just yet); Zubie can help eliminate these errors.

Now, all workers at one point or another get stressed out and this can lead to potential conflicts or issues. However, when your workers are behind a wheel in your flee, there is potential for an accident that costs you money, time, and stress (and this is only with the vehicle itself, not even mentioning the increased costs in your insurance premiums later on). Zubie can be programmed to alert for any potential malicious errors in driving, whether speeding, hard braking or rapid accelerations, or possibly even idling for too long. Risky behaviors like these can also lead to increased maintenance costs for your vehicles; which will cost you money. Take complete control of your fleet business with all the data and feedback Zubie can give you and share this data with your drivers to improve, empower them and make them better workers (we even have Scorecard reports so you can compare your drivers).

Just as when people are more likely to pay their taxes when they know they’re more likely to be audited (fortunately and unfortunately), drivers will be more likely to be careful and watch their speed when they are being monitored. Safety goes up, costs go down.

Route Protection

Now, the majority of people already know what GPS is capable of while driving due the prevalence of smartphones and the various apps for driving. To augment traditional GPS capabilities, Zubie can alert you to when your drivers may be going vastly off their route (when your drivers depart a pre assigned geofence) and you can look at your driver’s history to see if this is occuring in repeated locations or times of day. You can even verify arrival and departure times from job sites (and yes, Zubie can be accessed by smartphone, tablet or computer; whatever your mobile needs may be).

Ensure Maximum Vehicle Health

While the condition of your employees is always your top concern as a business owner, how well maintained your vehicles are is the next most concern when it comes to running a fleet business. Zubie will help keep your vehicles running optimally so you’ll never have to miss taking care of a customer because one of your vehicles clunked out from overuse. It’ll help you keep track of maintenance activitity and inform you of any possible preventative actions that should be taken. Should any isses with your vehicle’s engine or possibly a faulty battery occur, Zubie will immediately notify you of the issue. It’ll even monitor fuel levels and find your drivers the nearest gas station if their fuel runs low. It will also measure your mileage and vehicle utilization, to ensure you are running your fleet in an optimum manner-which will help you save money and be able to reinvest that money back into your business, customers or employees.

Now, how do this relate to your drivers? You’ll be ensuring that their vehicles are kept at optimum maintenance and your drivers will be assured of that they are driving a service vehicle. Let this empower your employees to know that they are getting the best of the best; we know when we elevate those around us (your employees), people tend to respect those expectations and try to live up to that billing.

Let fleet tracking help you accelerate your business by accelerating your drivers and ensure they know how well taken care of they are. Zubie will insure that your drivers know that the utmost is expected of them and that their bosses care about them as well as the business as a whole, they’re not just some guy sitting behind a wheel. Ensuring your driver’s safety will help you retain your employees and further cut down on your business costs.

Come find out how Zubie can accelerate your fleet business now.


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