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Unique Vehicle Spaces and Telematics

May 12, 2023

rows of golf carts on a gravel surface

There once was a time when loaning involved signing paperwork, collecting a deposit, and hoping that the vehicle found its way back to you at the end of the contract period.

Of course, those days are long gone.

Emerging economic pressures and improved technology have contributed to more tools than ever. These tools — telematics — can connect to your fleet management system or rental platform, enabling you to manage your entire vehicle fleet or equipment with incredible precision. Thanks to telematics, you can track fuel efficiency, know the exact location of your assets, and ensure that you wring every scrap of value out of the equipment in question.

Of course, cars aren’t the only spaces where telematics can help. Telematics can help all sorts of vehicles.

Golf Carts

When you think about golf carts, you don’t usually think about tracking the cart to ensure it stays on the golf course, condo development, or resort grounds. But golf cart thefts are real: As many as 30,000 golf carts are stolen annually. This shockingly high number proves there’s a need to invest in theft-prevention technology or at least technology that lets you track and recover a golf cart driven out of its assigned area.

There are multiple pieces of technology that you can incorporate into cart management to minimize your losses and reduce the risk of having your golf carts stolen or driven somewhere that they are not supposed to be. The first is GPS tracking. When deployed properly — like with the GPS technology used by Zubie — you can get real-time updates on any vehicle or asset, including golf carts. This GPS technology shows exactly where a cart is and the route it has taken. It can even provide a street-level view of its location. As such, GPS tracking can ensure your golf cart is recoverable.

You can also use geofencing. Geofencing can set up a specific area — like a community or resort — that restricts where a customer can use a vehicle. If someone crosses a border, the geofence alerts the driver and the golf cart’s owner, letting them know the cart is operating outside of its accepted boundaries.


Though rarer than car rentals, motorcycles remain a popular vehicle for rentals. However, motorcycle rentals have different challenges than renting out cars. Accordingly, fleet managers must ensure they have the right equipment and the ability to appropriately manage their bikes.

Like golf carts, motorcycle rentals can benefit from geofencing or GPS location monitoring, preventing a rider from using the motorcycle past the agreed-upon boundaries and ensuring that the owner always knows exactly where their motorcycle is. However, motorcycles are complex machines. That’s why Zubie offers several features that can significantly benefit the operator of any motorcycle fleet, including:

Construction and Agriculture

The integration of telematics devices in heavy duty construction and agricultural equipment is already providing forward-thinking business owners numerous benefits, ultimately improving efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in these sectors.

One critical advantage of telematics in construction and agricultural machinery is enhanced operational efficiency. By collecting and analyzing data on machine usage, fuel consumption, and idle time, operators can identify areas for improvement and optimize resource allocation. This information helps to reduce fuel costs and minimize environmental impact while maximizing productivity.

Furthermore, telematics can significantly improve the maintenance and longevity of construction and agricultural equipment. By remotely monitoring vital machine components and analyzing performance metrics, operators can identify potential issues early and schedule proactive maintenance. This approach minimizes downtime, reduces repair costs, and extends the life of these expensive assets.

Safety is another crucial aspect of telematics usage in heavy machinery. Broad-based solutions, like Zubie’s Asset Trak, provide real-time location tracking and geofencing capabilities to ensure that equipment is only operated within designated zones, preventing accidents and unauthorized use. Additionally, telematics can monitor operator behavior, identifying unsafe practices and facilitating targeted training programs to improve overall safety standards.

Lastly, the data gathered through telematics devices can help managers make informed decisions regarding equipment utilization and investment. By analyzing trends in machine performance and productivity, managers can make strategic choices to optimize their fleet and maximize returns on investment.

How Zubie Can Help

Zubie is here to help you manage your car dealership or rental fleet. As you now understand, it can do so much more. At Zubie, we have the tools and technology to ensure you manage an array of unique vehicle needs.

Ready to take the next steps and learn more about how Zubie can help you manage any vehicle fleet? Contact us today to get the information you need to enable you to make the best decisions possible about the future of your fleet, whatever that fleet may be.

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