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Why Your Customers Will Love Real Time Fleet Tracking

April 13, 2023



Many businesses have now started using fleet tracking software for a variety of reasons. As a manager or a business owner, you are aware that your fleet is your most important asset, and it makes perfect sense investing money to protect it. However, other than giving you the ability to protect you asset and improve customer service, by being more responsive in real time, fleet tracking also brings peace of mind. 

Software used in fleet tracking uses GPS technology to send signals between a computer or mobile device and your vehicles. This means that you can get real-time information from each vehicle in your fleet. Contrary to common belief, tracking the location of your vehicle isn’t the only reason for using tracking software. GPS tracking software also has the following features that can help you to protect your assets:

Real-time Alerts

Your fleet tracking software will give you peace of mind by sending notifications to alert you in case one of your driver’s goes outside a geographical parameter or over speeds. This will also give you the opportunity to intervene immediately when it happens, or you can use that information at a later date as a reference.

Improved Safety

You will be able to improve the safety of your field staff by monitoring your vehicles in real-time. Therefore, in the case of any incidents, you will be able to provide support and assistance to your drivers immediately. Essentially, your GPS fleet management system will help you implement communication between your fleet managers and your drivers. By furthering better communication between your vehicles and yourself, you will forge better relationships with your drivers (your real assets). This will let them be rest assured and know if they ever run into an issue, help is arriving shortly (instead of being left frustrated and wondering what to do).

Maintenance Management

Vehicle maintenance is one of the major aspects of managing a fleet, especially when you have several vehicles operating at once. It’s more difficult to track a vehicle’s mileage, engine hours and maintenance dates manually. Fleet managed software gives you the ability to manage all these tasks and allow you to receive alerts when you need to fill up the guess and/or schedule a regular maintenace appointment.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery 

If a car in you car gets stolen, a fleet management system can alert you on the incidten and let you know where to find the vehicle. Doing so requires the fleet management system device to remain “plugged-in”, however having peace of mind that your fleet is being watched over lets you and your drivers focus on making customers happy instead of worrying about your fleet.

Vehicle Misuse Protection

When drivers are aware that they are being monitored, they will be less tempted to use your fleet for their personal use. This will not only help you save on fuel expenses but also keep your vehicles from inappropriate situations and increase staff time towards greater productivity.

Having a GPS fleet management system will a sense of comfort that your assets are protected, but also help you maximize revenue and ensure that your staff is effective. Adding this layer of protection will also qualify you for insurance discounts. Many insurance companies will give you a 5 to 30% percent discount if you install a GPS tracking software.

Managing a fleet can be done manually by tracking data with spreadsheets (over time). But, doing so is labor intensive and any little error can result in increased costs and wasted time. Instead, by investing in an automated Fleet Management System, you will be able to focus on gain new clients and taking better care of your customers. Not only that, the data the system collects in real time will allow you to take better care of your team. Come find out the real time difference Zubie can give you.

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